The York



The York dates back to the mid 1830's when it was originally a blacksmiths and a travellers inn/ale house. When the railways were laid down in the 1860's the fashion for travellers inns waned along with the need for blacksmiths. We suspect this is why the owner of the land converted both properties into a more fashionable hotel upstairs (comprising of 2 double beds and 1 single for approximately 6 shillings each) with a pub on the ground floor with Victorian interior.

The York's interior is an amalgamation of all three previous businesses with a modern and edgy twist. The walls are painted a rich dark blue with sections of heavy glazed green tiles both commonly used in the Victorian period. The pictures are a mix of gilt and wooden framed modern drawings and Darwin-esque style illustrations on actual Victorian newspaper. The heavy oak bar with canopy and hanging hops houses a huge array of divine wines, local and British hand pull ciders and ales including our very own porter and a whole host of wonderful spirits (the whiskey section is fabulous!).

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