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Arras was originally opened in 2007 at its first location in Walsh Bay, Sydney, and quickly captured the imagination of the dining public with it’s tongue in cheek take on Modern British style of food. Over time in Walsh Bay the food had evolved to incorporate a more fluid style, a natural progression took place rather then a complete shift and as the restaurant evolved, Adam and Lovaine decided in 2011 it was time for a move to a location in the Sydney CBD. It was then they decided to add on Arras Too, their first foray into a non-restaurant venture.

After four years, Lovaine and Adam felt the pull to return to the UK to start a family and spend quality time with theirs, and so the search for the next challenge ensued. With no particular plan as to what to do next, Adam and Lovaine scouted sites for two years in York to house a suitable project until they found the Old Coach House. After an extensive refurbishment of the interior, Arras finally came home.

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