The Patisserie Malton

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Well, here we are, two and a half years into our adventure, and the future is looking good! We have grown from having just one or two shelves containing a few stock items alongside our initial range of hand-made cakes into the Aladdin’s Cave of delights which welcomes you today. Over the last couple of years we have brought on board a wide range of quality products, most of which are produced locally and are now regular items on our customers’ shopping list. My searches have led to the introduction of over a hundred different items and that’s not including all of the tasty patisserie morsels which I create on the premises. There is an international flavour to our work, as well, which adds a special touch to our recipes. We are fortunate to benefit from the 40 years’ experience of our friend and colleague, a continental master patissier; his years in this field include time served in prestigious London hotels.

With locally made preserves, tasty butter and of course Yorkshire clotted cream, The Patisserie’s Afternoon Tea is an indulgent treat.

Lighter options are available, with freshly toasted teacake and fresh pot of tea – lovely!

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