Walk: Cod Beck Reservoir from Osmotherley

in Osmotherly

From the “walking capital of the North York Moors” head to the fine circuit of Cod Beck Reservoir. The reservoir is hidden in the trees with excellent paths.

The Route

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  • Start Point: Osmotherley centre
  • Finish Point: Osmotherley
  • Distance: 5.5 Miles

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Walk Description

From Osmotherley follow the Cleveland Way long distance path into the woods above Mount Grace Priory. The energetic can descend to the priory but the sensible carry on through the woods till the path emerges from the trees and excellent views across the Vale of York.

Continue to Scarth Nick before returning along the quiet road to Cod Beck Reservoir. It is a lovely and tranquil spot with many places to stop in the woodland that borders the reservoir. Emerge from the woods at the dam wall before continuing the 1/2 mile to the outskirts of Osmotherley.

The Osmotherley Loop: A Journey through Historical Woods, Reservoir Serenity, and Vale of York Panoramas

Starting Point

Initiate your adventure in the charming village of Osmotherley, a gateway to the Cleveland Way long-distance path.


Set off on an enriching trek that marries breathtaking landscapes with historical intrigue. Beginning in the quaint village of Osmotherley, your journey will take you along the Cleveland Way, a path that meanders through the atmospheric woods above Mount Grace Priory. With a blend of choices for the adventurous and the tranquil seeker alike, the walk then leads you across Scarth Nick, passing by Cod Beck Reservoir, before concluding back in Osmotherley. Each step is a treat, offering immersive woodland walks, splendid views across the Vale of York, and idyllic waterside moments at Cod Beck Reservoir.

The Woods and Mount Grace Priory: A Tale of Two Paths

As you venture along the Cleveland Way and ascend into the woods, you’ll be enveloped by a sense of tranquility and historical mystique. For those with abundant energy and a flair for history, a detour to explore Mount Grace Priory is highly tempting. However, if you opt for a more peaceful experience, carry on through the leafy canopy until you break free from the tree line.

A Window to the Vale of York

Emerging from the forest, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic vistas across the Vale of York. Here, the landscape opens up to reveal the sprawling valley below, a sight that captures the true essence of the region’s natural beauty. This viewpoint makes for an excellent pause to take photographs or simply soak in the views.

Scarth Nick and the Return to Tranquility

Press on to Scarth Nick, relishing the countryside ambiance. Once there, you can begin your return journey, this time opting for a quiet road that guides you to the calming waters of Cod Beck Reservoir.

The Oasis of Cod Beck Reservoir

You’ll find Cod Beck Reservoir to be an oasis of calm, bordered by lush woodland that invites leisurely stops. The reservoir area offers various secluded spots where you can pause to relish the serenity, perhaps even enjoying a picnic or capturing the scenery through your lens.

The Dam Wall and Homeward Bound

As you exit the wooded area, you’ll come across the dam wall, another interesting facet of this varied walk. From here, it’s just a half-mile back to the outskirts of Osmotherley, where your memorable journey concludes.


The Osmotherley Loop is not merely a walk; it’s a symphony of experiences that harmonize to create a fulfilling day out. Whether you’re captivated by historical landmarks like Mount Grace Priory, awestruck by sweeping views over the Vale of York, or seeking moments of peace by Cod Beck Reservoir, this walk offers a little something for everyone. So, lace up your boots and prepare for a truly enriching adventure.

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