Our Company

TOG24 was founded by Donald Ward in West Yorkshire in 1958. “Big D” had been apprenticed as a millwright, repairing the looms of the then flourishing textile industry around Dewsbury, and by the late 50’s he’d learnt enough to set up on his own.

Our Factory

Based in the Spen Valley town of Heckmondwike, initially produced footwear, branched into sports bags and football kits in the 70's before finally landing on waterproofs and fleeces. As the brand grew in popularity skiwear and casual clothing were added. We manufactured all our clothing in the head office we still own today, however, to ensure we stayed competitive and to keep our doors open, it was with a heavy heart that we began producing overseas. Whatever the product was, it had to fit into our motto...

Our Name

TOG24 stands for “Truth Over Glory Everyday”. We’re not about the “Glory” side of the outdoors; Planting flags on mountains or skiing down sheer ice walls, we’re about the “True” outdoors that everybody can be involved with; walking with friends to the pub or skiing with the family to a bar.

Our Roots

TOG24 are a product of our location in the Spen Valley, Yorkshire; we try to do things right, we don’t believe in the marketing hype that’s out there and everything we make represents quality and value for your hard earned pound. And while we no longer manufacture here (that stopped in 2010) all our products are still proudly designed in the Spen Valley