Newsletter – Friday 28th April 2023

Continuing with the royal theme as we fast approach Coronation Weekend, Dr Emma Wells has taken a look at a favourite lodging of the Stuart monarchs in York. King’s Manor was a headquarters for the impressively named Council of the North.

In sport, Yorkshire has a lot to be proud of, with Sheffield being promoted to the Premier League – as a result, the region is set to host even more top-flight sport and welcome new football fans to the area.

Sheffield teenager Abigail Wright was recently announced as Volunteer of the Year by Squash England and she has a few tips for people visiting the Sheffield area.

Welcome to Yorkshire’s ambassador, cricketer Harry Brook, has been busy sampling the cuisine and culture of India while playing there in the IPL. Watch the video with him here.

If you’re inspired by Harry to book your own time on the golf course, check out some of Yorkshire’s best here.

This week has seen another fun giveaway, thanks to UK cat food company Tippaws. Cat-lovers have the chance to win a Purrfect Essentials Kit and get a 20% off voucher to boot!

New events from this week

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