Wyke, Bradford

Welcome to Wyke, a charming district located in the city of Bradford, West Yorkshire. Known for its rich history and vibrant community, Wyke offers a unique blend of urban and rural landscapes. From its traditional stone-built houses to its modern amenities, this district provides a captivating mix of old and new. With its close proximity to the city centre of Bradford, yet retaining its distinct character and charm, Wyke is an ideal destination for those seeking a taste of authentic Yorkshire life. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply looking for a peaceful retreat, Wyke has something to offer for everyone.

Fact Pack – Wyke, Bradford, West Yorkshire

  1. Wyke is a village located in the city of Bradford, West Yorkshire, England.
  2. It is situated on a hilltop between the cities of Bradford and Halifax.
  3. The name ‘Wyke’ is derived from the Old Norse word ‘vik’, meaning ‘bay’ or ‘inlet’.
  4. Historically, Wyke was a township in the parish of Bradford, and it became a separate civil parish in 1866.
  5. Wyke was incorporated into the city of Bradford in 1899.
  6. The village is known for its traditional stone-built houses, which are characteristic of West Yorkshire.
  7. Wyke has a population of approximately 14,500 people, according to the 2011 Census.
  8. It is home to several schools, including Appleton Academy and Wyke Manor School.
  9. Wyke has a strong sporting culture, with local football and rugby teams, including Wyke ARLFC.
  10. The village is also known for its annual ‘Wyke Lion’ beer festival, which attracts visitors from across the region.

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FAQs About Wyke, Bradford

Where is Wyke located?

Wyke is located in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England.

What is Wyke known for?

Wyke is known for its rich history and is a residential area in the city of Bradford. It’s also known for its local amenities and community spirit.

How can I get to Wyke, Bradford?

Wyke, Bradford is well connected by public transport, including buses and trains. It’s also easily accessible by car, being close to major roads and motorways.

Where Next after Wyke, Bradford?

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