Lodges at Burton Constable Holiday Park

in Hull

Address: The Old Lodges, Coniston Road, Sproatley, Whitedale HU11 4PG

Phone: 01964562508

Email: info@burtonconstable.co.uk

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Lodges at the Holiday Park

Nestled within the tranquil embrace of nature, the lodges at Burton Constable Holiday Park offer an enchanting escape from the demands of everyday life. The Park sits at the heart of an historic estate, these lodges provide an exquisite blend of modern comfort and rustic charm – and the lodges’ large footprint ensures you have enough room for you, your family, and your friends. We enjoy the luxury of space outside too: our lodges are not cheek-by-jowl, but come with significant ‘breathing room’ between customers. Whether seeking a temporary retreat or a sanctuary they can return to time and time again, visitors can hire these inviting lodges or purchase one outright – some customers have enjoyed renting them out before embarking on a journey to having their very own lodge.

Several of our rental lodges are pet-friendly, allowing you to bring along your beloved pets and enjoy a getaway together.

Explore our website to discover available lodge holidays, and click here to access our lodge sales page.

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About Burton Constable Holiday Park & Arboretum

The grounds of Burton Constable Holiday Park are a captivating tapestry of history and natural beauty, weaving together an enchanting experience for all who wander within. One of the highlights of the Park is its stunning lakes, which lend a sense of tranquillity and charm to the surroundings. The lakes provide a peaceful backdrop for leisurely walks, reflective moments, and a connection to nature’s soothing presence. Nearby, the Walled Gardens stand as testimony to the passage of time, where vibrant roses and meticulously tended fauna flourish in their secluded sanctuary. The iconic Capability Brown Bridge gracefully arches over the waters, connecting past and present in its elegant design. The Arboretum at Burton Constable provides a serene space for visitors to wander amidst the beauty of changing seasons and a litany of native and rare tree species. The arboretum’s winding paths lead you to discover the story of each tree and its place in the grand design of the arboretum. As you explore, echoes of history resonate through the historic elements peppered throughout, reminding you of the park’s rich heritage.

At Burton Constable Holiday Park, our expansive grounds offer a mix of relaxation and convenience. The Woodland Store provides essential goods, while the Parkland Kitchen serves delightful comfort food. Relaxation awaits at the Lakeside Bar, where you can enjoy drinks by the water, whether with your human or furry friends. Read more about our amenities here.

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