Burton Constable Arboretum, Lakes & Gardens

in Burton Constable in Sproatley

Address: The Old Lodges, Park Road, Sproatley, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU11 4LJ, United Kingdom

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Visit this charming corner of East Yorkshire near Sproatley.

The Arboretum

Surrounding the Park’s breath-taking entrance is an awe-inspiring arboretum: a dedicated botanical garden thriving with trees. Continuing a legacy spanning seven generations since William Constable’s time (1721-1791), our much-loved founder “Mr C” continued the family history of enhancing the landscape and established this arboretum in 2006. Drawing inspiration from Europe’s splendid formal gardens like Versailles, Hampton Court, and Het Loo’s baroque magnificence, the design showcases a perfect fusion of natural beauty and human artistry. It serves as a living collection, constantly evolving with new additions, offering you a leisurely wander through the variations of shape, form, colour, and seasonal effects displayed by the plants.

A woodland walk akin to Europe’s finest wild gardens, this East Yorkshire gem embodies a commitment to conservation, thoughtfully arranged to support and preserve local flora and fauna as well as foster rarer species seldom seen in the area. For a decade, we have been honoured with the prestigious David Bellamy Gold Conservation Award, testimony to our unwavering environmental mission. While strolling through the arboretum, our enchanting bluebell wood, or the various nature trails at the Park, you will witness a diverse array of wildlife species calling this sanctuary home. To encourage more biodiversity and support our plant ecosystem, we’ve installed bee houses to support our friendly pollinators and insect hotels, extending a warm welcome to our six-legged guests. Read more about the Arboretum here.

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The Lakes

The lakes form an integral part of the parkland restoration project, overseen by the renowned Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown between 1769 and 1782. Under the commission of William Constable (1721-1791), the grounds surrounding Burton Constable underwent a transformative journey, evolving into the historic parkland that we see today. This metamorphosis involved converting small fish ponds and shaping another “piece of water” into the now-iconic north and south lakes, connected by the Capability Brown Bridge near the present-day Lakeside Bar.

Skilfully crafted with Burton Constable bricks, these man-made lakes hold a rich history. In the mid-2000s, the Mr C restored the northernmost end of the lake. Over time, these lakes have been renowned as excellent fishing spots, teeming with carp, pike, tench, bream, roach, and perch. The lakes hold a special place in the hearts of many enthusiastic anglers, some of whom have enjoyed a lifetime of fishing the lakes, started off by the joy of catching their first fish here.

For further details and updates on fishing opportunities, please refer to our fishing page

Read more about The Lakes here.

The Capability Brown Bridge

One of the most iconic features within the park is the picturesque Capability Brown Bridge gracefully spanning across the lakes. This bridge, designed by Capability Brown in 1776, exudes an elegant blend of stone plinth and cornice with the rest adorned in brick, a vision that has remained untouched throughout the years. While its ornate appearance captures attention, the bridge conceals a crucial engineering aspect. The lakes, positioned at different elevations, were meant to be visible from Burton Constable, a concept that presented challenges during implementation. To realise this vision, the north lake was elevated considerably higher than the south lake, necessitating the construction of a dam. Ingeniously, Brown transformed this dam into an exquisite bridge, cleverly camouflaging its functional purpose.

As you step upon the bridge, you are treated to breath-taking views of both lakes, each showcasing its unique charm. In the summer, the north lake thrives with lily pads, extending up to the bridge, while in the spring, graceful swans and their adorable ducklings gracefully paddle around the south lake. In extraordinary instances of heavy rainfall, the water level in the north lake rises, leading to a delightful spectacle as it cascades over the dam-turned-bridge, transforming into an impromptu waterfall that spills into the south lake. The bridge stands as both testimony to Capability Brown’s brilliance and as a platform from which to relish the beauty and diversity of the two lakes. Read more about The Capability Brown Bridge here.

The Walled Gardens

The walled garden at Burton Constable is an exquisite 18th-century design, conceived and crafted during Capability Brown’s interventions. Originally named the “Stove Garden”, its inception dates back to 1769 when William Constable shared his vision with the designer. The design featured two elegant pedimented buildings flanking an original stove house, fashioned in the neoclassical style. Sheltered within the walls, this garden offered protection from the elements, while the stove house meticulously regulated the temperature, creating a favourable microclimate.

Along the stove-warmed northern wall, greenhouses were strategically placed, enabling the cultivation of exotic fruits. Together with the kitchen garden, this horticultural haven provided a bountiful supply of daily sustenance for the Constable family, staff, and guests. In later years, the gardens were leased to various flower and vegetable growers, serving commercial purposes. However, by the 1980s, the garden lay deserted, serving as an enclosure for rearing pheasants.

In 2006, Mr. C embarked on an ambitious two-year restoration project, diligently reviving this magnificent space and transforming it into a captivating pleasure garden of fruit trees and roses. Today, you are welcome to make an appointment to wander through these gardens, basking in the scenery that surrounds you. Read more about The Walled Gardens here.


The Lakeside Bar

Julie and her Team extend a warm welcome to you at our Lakeside Bar and beer garden, a friendly pub in the picturesque setting of the serene lakes and 18th-century Capability Brown Bridge.

Nestled in a secluded corner of the East Yorkshire countryside, the Lakeside Bar provides an ideal retreat for you to savour a favourite tipple basking in the summer sun, or to enjoy the cosy shelter from a cold winter evening. Come and sample the wide range of drinks and regular enjoy the regular live entertainment organised by Julie and the team. Read more about the opening times, events and offers at The Lakeside Bar here.

The Parkland Kitchen

Indulge in a range of comfort food and rustic pizzas served at The Parkland Kitchen by The Lakeside Bar at weekends. After a day of exciting adventures, unwind with live entertainment and the serene views of the lakeside while relishing a freshly prepared meal. The kitchen offers a diverse menu, including options for children and enticing meal deals, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy. Find out more about The Parkland kitchen here.

The Woodland Store

Whether you’re staying at on our Park or simply paying us a visit, rest assured that you won’t have to venture far for your essential needs. The Woodland Store is fully equipped with everyday essentials and little luxuries. The shop kitchen proudly serves Lavazza coffee, freshly prepared from bean-to-cup, ensuring a delightful start to your day. Boost your weekend adventures with a scrumptious hot breakfast sandwich, available for dine-in or takeaway every Saturday and Sunday. As a point of pride, we also champion local produce, featuring delectable treats like Burgess ice cream and Yorkshire crisps. Click here to find out more about the opening times and what’s on at The Woodland Store.


At Burton Constable Holiday Park, all amenities warmly welcome dogs. We kindly request that your furry friends refrain from jumping on the furniture at the Lakeside Bar, but please do bring them to meet our wonderful staff. We offer numerous walking trails for you and your canine companions to explore, and there is a secure dog-running area conveniently located across the road from the park. Discover more about the park’s dog ownership information by clicking here.

An all-season holiday park

The park welcomes visitors from February to December, offering a captivating journey through the changing seasons. Witness the vibrant greenery and blossoming flowers in spring, and experience the enchanting frost and frozen lakes as December unfolds its wintry charm.

Holiday with us

At Burton Constable Holiday Park, we pride ourselves on providing an extensive array of holiday options, catering to every preference. Whether you seek lodges, holiday homes, glamping experiences, camping adventures, or touring opportunities, you’ll find all our holiday offerings right here.

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