May Half Term – Let’s Create: Bee Baths

, , in Leeds on June 1st, 2023 10:00am

Address: Whitehall Riverside Pocket Park, Globe Road, Holbeck, Leeds, LS11 5QG, United Kingdom

Phone: 07503312313


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Information about bees:

Bees play an enormous role in our eco-systems as chief pollinators, ensuring the well-being and natural spread of our essential native flowers and plants. Pollination is the process of fertilisation for flowers, and it requires pollen to be spread and shared between plants. In fact, it’s thought that nearly one third of the food we eat relies on pollinators like bees for growth. Loss of habitat, pesticides and other factors add to their decline, however there’s some things you can do to make a bee-friendly environment and help slow down the loss of these incredible creatures.

Why do bees need water:

  • to dilute honey – bees use water to manage the consistency of honey and thin out honey that has crystallized,
  • to help with digestion – just like us, bees need water to aid in their digestion,
  • to keep the hive cool – these smart little creatures will add water to the hive and fan it with their wings, air-conditioning the space by cooling it down,
  • and to feed the babies – the nurse bees that feed the larvae need plenty of water to create the right baby food (royal jelly).

About this Event

Join us on one of our hour-long workshops in which you can make your own bee bath to keep pollinators happy and hydrated this spring and summer! These works of garden art will be made from a shallow dish and your choice to of decorative rocks, stones or mosaic pieces, add water, and help our little flying friends!

**Important: It’s recommended to change the water at least every other day and clean the bee bath weekly**

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