Discover the charming village of Fraisthorpe, nestled in the heart of East Yorkshire, England. This quaint locale offers a unique blend of rural tranquility and coastal beauty, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful retreat. With its stunning landscapes, rich history, and close proximity to the bustling market town of Bridlington, Fraisthorpe provides a perfect base for exploring the picturesque Yorkshire coast. Whether you’re a nature lover, history enthusiast, or simply looking for a serene getaway, Fraisthorpe promises a memorable visit.

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St Edmunds Church

St Edmunds Church, St Edmunds Church, Main Street, Fraisthorpe, Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire, YO15 3QU, United Kingdom

Fact Pack – Fraisthorpe

  1. Fraisthorpe is a small village located in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England.
  2. The village is situated approximately 3 miles south-east of the town of Bridlington.
  3. Fraisthorpe is part of the civil parish of Carnaby.
  4. The village is known for its beautiful sandy beach which is popular among locals and tourists.
  5. Fraisthorpe Beach is also a popular spot for water sports, particularly windsurfing and kite surfing.
  6. The village was historically a farming community, with a focus on arable farming.
  7. Fraisthorpe’s population is quite small, with less than 200 residents as of the last census.
  8. The village has a church, St Edmund’s, which dates back to the 12th century.
  9. Fraisthorpe was mentioned in the Domesday Book, a survey of England completed in 1086.
  10. The village has a caravan park, which attracts visitors during the summer months.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Fraisthorpe, East Yorkshire

What is Fraisthorpe, East Yorkshire known for?

Fraisthorpe, East Yorkshire is known for its beautiful sandy beach, which is popular for walks and horse riding. It’s also known for its history, with the remains of a medieval village and church.

What are the main attractions in Fraisthorpe, East Yorkshire?

The main attractions in Fraisthorpe, East Yorkshire include the Fraisthorpe Beach, the remains of the medieval village and St Edmund’s Church. There are also several walking and cycling routes in the area.

How can I get to Fraisthorpe, East Yorkshire?

Fraisthorpe, East Yorkshire is easily accessible by car, with the A165 road running close by. The nearest train station is in Bridlington, which is about 5 miles away. From there, you can take a taxi or a local bus to Fraisthorpe.

Where Next?

After exploring the serene beauty of Fraisthorpe, East Yorkshire, there are several nearby places worth visiting. Bridlington, a charming coastal town, is just a short drive away and offers beautiful beaches, a bustling harbour, and the historic Bridlington Priory. The stunning Flamborough Head is also nearby, known for its dramatic cliffs and the iconic Flamborough Lighthouse. Nature lovers should not miss a visit to Bempton Cliffs, a renowned RSPB reserve, home to a variety of seabirds. For those interested in history, the Burton Agnes Hall, a magnificent Elizabethan manor house, is a must-visit. Lastly, the city of Hull, with its rich maritime history and vibrant cultural scene, is also within easy reach.

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