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Welcome to Harewood, a charming village located in West Yorkshire. Known for its historic significance and natural beauty, Harewood offers a unique blend of attractions for visitors. The village is home to the magnificent Harewood House, an 18th-century country house with stunning gardens, and a bird garden hosting a variety of exotic bird species. The surrounding countryside provides ample opportunities for walking, cycling, and wildlife spotting. With its quaint local pubs, welcoming community, and rich heritage, Harewood promises a memorable visit for all.

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Knap Yard Harewood House Estate Harewood, Harewood, LS17 9LF, United Kingdom

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Fact Pack – Harewood, West Yorkshire

  1. Harewood is a village and civil parish in the City of Leeds metropolitan borough, West Yorkshire, England.
  2. The village is a popular tourist destination in West Yorkshire, known for its scenic beauty and historical significance.
  3. Harewood House, a country house designed by architects John Carr and Robert Adam, is a notable landmark in the village.
  4. The house is surrounded by a large estate, which includes farms, woodland, and a deer park of nearly 800 acres.
  5. The estate was owned by the Lascelles family, who have been influential figures in Yorkshire since the Norman Conquest.
  6. Harewood House is home to a significant collection of art, with works by masters such as JMW Turner and El Greco.
  7. The village is also known for the All Saints’ Church, a Grade I listed building that dates back to the 15th century.
  8. Harewood has a bird garden, which is home to a collection of exotic bird species from around the world.
  9. The Emmerdale television series, a popular British soap opera, is filmed in the Harewood estate.
  10. Harewood sits on the A61 from Leeds to Harrogate, making it easily accessible for visitors from both cities.

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FAQs About Harewood, West Yorkshire

What is Harewood, West Yorkshire known for?

Harewood, West Yorkshire is best known for Harewood House, a stunning 18th-century country house with beautiful gardens and grounds. It’s also known for its bird garden and farm experience.

How can I get to Harewood, West Yorkshire?

Harewood is easily accessible by car, located just off the A61 between Leeds and Harrogate. If you’re using public transport, there are several bus services that stop near Harewood.

What activities can I do in Harewood, West Yorkshire?

There are plenty of activities to do in Harewood, including visiting Harewood House, exploring the gardens, bird watching in the bird garden, and interacting with animals at the farm. There are also several walking trails in the area for those who enjoy outdoor activities.

Where Next after Harewood, West Yorkshire?

Having visited the charming village of Harewood in West Yorkshire, you might be wondering where to head next. A short drive away is the vibrant city of Leeds, known for its rich industrial heritage and bustling shopping districts. Alternatively, you could explore the historic spa town of Harrogate, famous for its beautifully preserved Victorian architecture and the stunning RHS Harlow Carr gardens. If you’re a fan of literature, a trip to Haworth, the hometown of the Bronte sisters, is a must. For nature lovers, the Yorkshire Dales National Park is within easy reach, offering breathtaking landscapes and numerous walking trails. And don’t forget to visit the medieval city of York, with its iconic Minster, ancient city walls, and the fascinating Jorvik Viking Centre. All these locations offer a unique taste of Yorkshire’s diverse attractions.