Calderdale buzzing as Happy Valley 3 finale nears

2nd February 2023 at 15:16 am GMT


The Calderdale area has been abuzz with stories of filming ahead of the finale of Happy Valley 3 which airs this Sunday on BBC One.

Locals and Yorkshire businesses give their stories of the filming:

Holdsworth House Hotel, Halifax

“We have seen a huge amount of interest in our social media posts with regards to the filming of Happy Valley at Holdsworth House Hotel.

“Since Last Tango in Halifax and Gentleman Jack, we have welcomed guests from all over the world. We’re hopeful that Happy Valley has the same effect.”

Holdsworth House Hotel
Holdsworth House Hotel Picture

The Crossroads Inn, Wainstalls

“The cast and crew used our pub as a base whilst filming the latest series. We provided hot soup and drinks as it was so cold during filming. Some afternoons we’d have the actors relaxing and rehearsing lines in the pub between shoots which was very exciting for the staff and customers! [James Norton, Con O’Niel!!]

“**Spoiler Alert ****

“They used our car park to set up their filming ‘rigs’ then went down to a nearby field on Wainstalls lane to film a car chase scene which we believe will be in the final episode. The car was covered in fake blood and was parked in our car park between shoots and caused quite a stir with our customers! We had to reassure people it was all fake and being used for filming as it looked quite realistic and was quite a sight! We are hoping that there is a shot of the pub in the final episode!!!!

“The cast and crew have used the pub as a base for previous series and one of our locals houses was also used as a filming location whilst it was being renovated.”

Jayne Barton, The Crossroads Inn, Wainstalls

Thornton, Bradford

“There has been a definite buzz around the village in anticipation of the episode going out. Many comments on the local village facebook page. My sister in Germany rang to say she was watching the episode and was stunned to see my house, she had to google map it to make sure she wasn’t imagining things.

“The scene filmed in the village was just 100 yards from the Bronte Birthplace and we have reports of visitors to the birth place also now taking photos and commenting on the Coffin end building that was in the episode.”

Lisa Singleton, Thornton Community Hall Committee Member

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