Student Film Competition

Student Film Competition

Congratulations to all the 2020/2021 second-year students at Sheffield Hallam University who submitted their film to the inaugural Welcome to Yorkshire Student Film Competition.

A 'Connected Campus' initiative between Sheffield Hallam University, Screen Yorkshire and Welcome to Yorkshire, we were excited to receive eleven submissions covering a diverse range of topics related to Yorkshire. We hope all the students were inspired and that they see filmmaking in Yorkshire as an opportunity to tell a story and inspire others with your message.

The films were well produced, scripted, directed and acted, and showed consideration to audio tracks with an overall message of promoting our county; the jury was challenged with selecting the top four finalists.

For more information about this year’s competition, click here.

Vote for your favourite

It’s now your chance to vote for the winning entry. Watch the following four films and vote for your favourite two using the form below, voting closes at midnight on Sunday 3rd October 2021. All votes submitted will be entered into a Prize Draw to receive a Welcome to Yorkshire Y badge and snood.

Out of Tea Out of Time

"An action-comedy short where the lead races against a boiling kettle to make his morning cuppa. The script and the quick-cut style of the film was inspired by Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy, with minor influences from other ‘ticking-clock’ stories." Director Phin Fredrick


Dracula’s Day Out

"The idea originated as simply Dracula arriving in Whitby only to have a lovely time at the seaside, having an ice cream, making a sandcastle, typical tourist beach activities. I felt this would convey the historical importance of Whitby alongside its reputation as a tourist destination.

While I was coming up with this idea two other students, Jasmine and Johnny, had come up with an idea for a short film about the Whitby Goth Festival. When we shared all our ideas together, the Whitby connection inspired us to combine the two ideas, resulting in a short film where Dracula arrives at Whitby in the midst of the Whitby Goth Festival. This still contains the two reasons I wanted the write Dracula in Whitby, the history aspect and the tourist aspect, but now had the addition of centering around a popular event in the town, not to mention the brilliant combination of Dracula and a Whitby full of goths." Sean O'Reilly (Screenwriter) 


Victoria Street

Victoria Street is a film about the different people coming together to make a street. I love the way Warda's poem reflects the nature of what makes a community and everyday life on this street. It’s neither a celebration or a conflict and I love the way Warda’s words reflect all these realities.  Making the poem into a visual piece was a fantastic & exciting challenge!" Co-Director Asma Kabadeh

"I grew up in an Irish Catholic community in Rotherham, South Yorkshire and when reading the poem for the first time I saw a lot of similarities between the community I grew up in and the Somali muslim community that Warda grew up in, in Sheffield, and I wanted to portray that in the film as best as I could." Co-director Aaron Hopper.


Keeping up with the Brontës

“From reading the script it was very comical and relatable even though it was from the nineteen hundreds. We wanted to give it a reality tv turn with inspiration from Keeping up with the Kardashians - with sister rivals. For example, we thought Kim Kardashian was very similar to Charlotte Bronte, both having superficial egos. Whereas Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are more like Emily and Anne - more introverted with putting themselves out there and jealous. 

When we looked around the museum too, I learned more personal information about Charlotte and Emily's personality which helped build their character development even further. Charlotte was always outgoing and spontaneous and Emily loved gossip and speaking to the maids in the house. This gave me more background knowledge to share with the actresses when they were playing their roles.” Director Katie Williams.


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