Travel From Pickering To Scarborough – Car, Train, Bus, Walk, Bike

Discover the best ways to travel from Pickering to Scarborough in North Yorkshire, covering everything from journey times and distances to the most cost-effective travel options. Whether you’re considering driving, taking the bus, catching a train, or even walking, we’ve got all the details you need for a seamless trip.

Distance and Travel Time Overview

Below is a table summarizing the distances and estimated travel times between Pickering and Scarborough by different modes of transportation:

Mode of TransportDistance (miles)Estimated Travel Time
Car18 miles30-40 minutes
Bus18 miles50-60 minutes
Train20 miles (via transfer)1 hour 15 minutes
Walking18 miles6-7 hours

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Popular Questions:

Below are common questions we’re asked about this travel option.

What are the cheapest tickets available for traveling from Pickering to Scarborough?

The cheapest tickets are often found by booking in advance. For train travel, look for “advance” tickets on the train company’s website. For bus routes, purchasing tickets online can also offer savings.

Is there a direct train from Pickering to Scarborough?

No, there isn’t a direct train from Pickering to Scarborough. You will typically need to transfer at Malton or York depending on the route and schedules available. Be sure to review the latest train schedules to plan your journey effectively.

What time does the last train or bus depart from Pickering to Scarborough?

The last departure times can vary, particularly on weekends or holidays. Generally, the last train departs before 9 PM, but it’s advisable to check the train schedules on the railway’s official website. For buses, the last bus usually leaves around 5 PM.

What are some tips for finding cheap train tickets from Pickering to Scarborough?

To secure cheap train tickets, book in advance and search for off-peak times. Websites often offer cheaper rates for tickets bought weeks ahead of the journey date. Also, exploring round-trip ticket options might provide additional savings.

Can I travel by bus from Pickering to Scarborough at night?

Night travel options are limited. The last bus departs in the early evening. For travel after this time, you might consider staying overnight at a local hotel or driving.

Traveling from Pickering to Scarborough offers various options that suit different needs and budgets. Whether you’re booking a last-minute getaway or planning a detailed trip with stops along the way, advance planning and booking can ensure you get the best rates and travel times. Don’t forget to check the latest departures, especially for last train or bus times, and make your bookings through official websites to avoid any inconvenience. Happy traveling!