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Each Saturday morning, Thornes Park in Wakefield transforms into a bustling hub of activity with the Wakefield Thornes parkrun. This free, weekly event invites people of all ages and abilities to run, jog, or walk a 5km course through one of the most picturesque settings in West Yorkshire. The parkrun phenomenon has swept the globe, but Wakefield’s iteration has its own unique charm, drawing both locals and visitors to experience community and fitness in unison.

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The Beginnings of Wakefield Thornes Parkrun

Initiated to promote health, fitness, and community, the Wakefield Thornes parkrun started several years ago and quickly became a Saturday morning tradition. Located at Horbury Road, WF2 8TY, Thornes Park offers the perfect backdrop for the event, blending historical landscapes with challenging and diverse terrains. The event’s growth over the years is a testament to Wakefield’s dedication to fostering a strong, health-conscious community.

A Detailed Look at the Thornes Park Course

The course at Wakefield Thornes Park features a combination of tarmac paths and grassy stretches, making it ideal for all levels of participants. The route is well-marked and takes participants around the scenic parts of the park, ensuring that everyone, from first-timers to seasoned runners, can enjoy the experience without worry. Regulars and newcomers alike appreciate the clear course details and the beauty of their surroundings as they tackle the route.


Volunteers are the backbone of the Wakefield parkrun, dedicating their time each week to ensure the event runs smoothly. From setting up the course early in the morning to providing guidance and support to runners, these volunteers foster a welcoming and organized environment. Anyone interested in giving back to their community can join this vibrant group by signing up to volunteer, experiencing the joy of helping others achieve their fitness goals.

How to Participate in Wakefield’s Parkrun

Joining the Wakefield Thornes parkrun is straightforward and free. Participants are encouraged to register online before their first run to obtain a unique barcode, which is used for timing and recording results. This barcode allows runners to check their progress weekly and connect with other participants through the parkrun website. First-time visitors will find joining the Wakefield parkrun an easy and rewarding way to get into running.

Community and Social Engagement at Parkrun

After completing the 5km, participants often gather for a post parkrun coffee at a nearby cafe, where they can enjoy some well-deserved refreshment and socialize with fellow runners. This post-event gathering is an integral part of the parkrun experience, reinforcing the community spirit and offering a chance to discuss running experiences and personal bests. “Every week we grab a post-parkrun coffee” has become a much-loved tradition, highlighting the social benefits of participating.

Special Events and Celebrations

Throughout the year, Wakefield’s parkrun hosts several special events that cater to the festive spirit of the community. From themed runs celebrating holidays to charity events supporting local causes, these special occasions bring an added layer of excitement and participation. These events are well-publicized in advance, inviting everyone in the community to “come and join us” for a fun and fulfilling run.

The Unique Appeal of Wakefield Thornes Parkrun

Wakefield Thornes parkrun is not just a run; it’s a weekly celebration of health, fitness, and community. The event’s setting in Thornes Park, coupled with its inclusive and friendly atmosphere, makes it a standout attraction in Wakefield. Participants leave each parkrun feeling accomplished and connected, eager to return the following Saturday.

In conclusion, whether you’re a seasoned runner looking to challenge yourself, a beginner hoping to improve your fitness, or simply someone interested in meeting new people, the Wakefield Thornes parkrun welcomes you. “Please come and join us at Horbury Road, every Saturday morning, and be a part of something that goes beyond just running—it’s about building a healthier, happier community.”

Through this detailed guide, visitors and locals alike can discover all they need to know about joining the Wakefield parkrun community. With no cost involved and a wealth of benefits to gain, stepping into the world of parkrun in Thornes Park is a choice many are glad to make, week after week.

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