Wibsey is a ward within the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, West Yorkshire. Wibsey is named after Wibsey village which makes up the main part of the ward.

Accommodation in Wibsey

Picture of The Old Forge 5 Minutes From The Motorway With Parking

The Old Forge 5 Minutes From The Motorway With Parking

70 Fair Road, Wibsey, BD6 1QL, United Kingdom

place to stay for temporary stay

2 Town End, Wibsey, BD7 3HD, United Kingdom


76 Saint Enoch’s Road, Wibsey, BD6 3BY, United Kingdom

Luxe bungalow Bradford

2 Bartle Square, Wibsey, BD7 3LL, United Kingdom


17 Summer Hill Street, Wibsey, BD7 2LN, United Kingdom

10, Burnett Place

10 Burnett Place, Wibsey, BD5 9LX, United Kingdom

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Wibsey FAQ’s

What is the history of Wibsey?

Wibsey has had a varied industrial history. It was a popular coal mining area, though it seems the coal was of poor quality and was only mined near the surface. The Industrial Revolution arrived here in 1836 with the opening of the first mill. One of the famous characters of this time was Joseph Hinchcliffe.

Where next?

Head into Bradford for the theatre and museums or out to Hardcastle Crags for a day out in the countryside.