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If you want to know where all the cool stuff to look at in York is, no fuss, easy, then this App is made for you.Travel isn’t A to B it’s all the colourful bits in between, the nooks and crannies, the secrets.This limited guide puts you in the driving seat, you open our map and see what you want to see ultra easy and with a 48 hour window an absolute bargain.Gunpowder York Witch – She was hanged alongside two men on Monday 20 March 1809. After her execution, her body was put on public display in Leeds and strips of her skin were tanned into leather and sold as magic charms to ward off evil spirits.Dick Turpin – Highwayman.A Plague House – With the ghost of a child peering out the window. (By appointment only)Alleyways that lead to magical viewsIf you want an easy, stress free, meander through the city with our map to guide and look too whenever, then you my friend are a true traveler.€œLife is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.€ John Lennon.

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