Carleton, West Yorkshire

Welcome to Carleton, a charming village located in West Yorkshire. Known for its rich history and picturesque landscapes, Carleton offers a unique blend of rural tranquility and easy access to the bustling cities of Leeds and Bradford. Whether you’re interested in exploring the thrills of Xscape, delving into local history, or taking in a rugby match, Carleton is a destination that promises a memorable visit.

Fact Pack – Carleton, West Yorkshire

  1. Carleton is a small village on the southern outskirts of Pontefract in West Yorkshire, England.
  2. The village is home to the parish church of St Michael the Archangel.
  3. The settlement has two schools, Carleton High School and the Rookeries primary school.
  4. Carleton was historically a township in the ancient parish of Pontefract in the West Riding of Yorkshire.
  5. It became a separate civil parish in 1866.
  6. In 1938 the civil parish was abolished and merged into Pontefract.
  7. There is another Carleton in West Yorkshire, just south of Skipton, known as Carleton in Craven.

Carleton, West Yorkshire, on the map

FAQs About Carleton, West Yorkshire

Where is Carleton located in West Yorkshire?

Carleton is near Pontefract.

What are some notable landmarks or attractions in Carleton, West Yorkshire?

Carleton is home to Pontefract Rugby Union Football Club.

Where Next after Carleton, West Yorkshire?

Having visited the charming village of Carleton in West Yorkshire, there are several other key locations nearby that are worth exploring. Pontefract, Nostell Priory and Brockadale Nature Reserve are all worth a visit.

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