Welcome to Esholt, a charming village located in West Yorkshire. Known for its picturesque landscapes and historic charm, Esholt offers a unique blend of rural tranquility and cultural richness. The village, once a backdrop for the popular TV soap ‘Emmerdale’, is a must-visit for those seeking a peaceful retreat. With its traditional stone cottages, lush green fields, and the iconic Woolpack pub, Esholt provides an authentic taste of West Yorkshire’s countryside. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, nature lover, or simply looking for a serene getaway, Esholt is a destination that promises a memorable experience.

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Cunliffe Barn

Cunliffe Barn, Cunliffe Lane, Esholt, Shipley, West Yorkshire, BD17 7RF, United Kingdom

Cunliffe House

Cunliffe House, Cunliffe House, Cunliffe Lane, Esholt, Shipley, West Yorkshire, BD17 7RF, United Kingdom

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Fact Pack – Esholt, West Yorkshire

  1. Esholt is a small village located in West Yorkshire, England.
  2. The village is situated between Shipley and Guiseley.
  3. Esholt is known for its picturesque setting and traditional stone buildings.
  4. It was once a hub for the wool industry during the Industrial Revolution.
  5. The village is famous for being the original outdoor location for the popular British soap opera, Emmerdale.
  6. Esholt’s name is derived from the Old English ‘scēo’ and ‘holt’, meaning ‘a wood where the wild garlic grows’.
  7. The village has a local pub called the Woolpack, which was featured in Emmerdale.
  8. Esholt is home to a Victorian era sewage works, which is now a museum.
  9. The village has a cricket club, which is a popular local attraction.
  10. Esholt is surrounded by beautiful countryside, offering numerous walking and cycling routes.

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FAQs About Esholt

Where is Esholt located?

Esholt is located in West Yorkshire, England, between Baildon, Rawdon and Guiseley.

What is Esholt known for?

Esholt is known for its picturesque village setting and its use as a filming location for the popular British soap opera, Emmerdale Farm, from 1976 to 1996.

What can I do when visiting Esholt?

Visitors to Esholt can enjoy a walk around the charming village, visit the local pub, and see the various locations used in the filming of Emmerdale Farm.

Where Next after Esholt?

Having visited the charming village of Esholt in West Yorkshire, you might be wondering where to head next. A short drive away is the bustling city of Leeds, known for its vibrant shopping scene and rich industrial heritage. You could also explore the historic spa town of Harrogate, famous for its beautifully preserved Victorian architecture and the stunning RHS Harlow Carr gardens. If you’re a fan of literature, the Brontë Parsonage Museum in Haworth, the former home of the Brontë sisters, is a must-visit. For nature lovers, the Yorkshire Dales offers breathtaking landscapes and numerous walking trails. And don’t miss out on visiting the medieval city of York, with its magnificent Minster, ancient city walls, and the fascinating Jorvik Viking Centre. All these locations offer a unique taste of Yorkshire’s diverse attractions.