'Historic Architecture' - Richmond Castle and Easby Abbey

Richmond Castle is among the oldest Norman Stone Fortress' in Britain and has dominated the town for many years. This fine construction is sited on a rocky promontory above the river swale with its towering keep, over 30 metres high providing magnificent views over the clustered houses of Richmond. Explore the exhibition centre and take part in the interactive tours in order to found out more interesting facts about this towering building. Easby Abbey is an enjoyable walk from Richmond castle where you can find substantial remains of the Pre-monstratensian house known for its lavish roof-height refectory and other monastic buildings.

St Agatha's Church, Easby

St Agatha's church lies behind the atmospheric ruins of Easby Abbey and is dated mainly from the 12th and 13th centuries. Although little of the original church remains, it is mostly famous for its splendid series of mediaeval wall paintings in the chancel depicting scenes such as the Creation and the Nativity. Therefore this historic and fascinating church is definitely worth visiting.

Georgian Marketplace and Buildings

Richmond is described as the Georgian district because of its magnificent architecture and fine Georgian buildings which surround the largest cobbled marketplace in England. The Georgian era was a time of great prosperity for the town and as a result of this, both large and small properties were built along winding lanes and sloping, hilly roads to form an attractive roofline, a sight definitely not to be missed.

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