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We are a Yorkshire pub where you’ll always get a warm welcome, a superb plate of food and a cracking pint of Yorkshire ale.

The Dog & Gun is an attractive inn which has been beautifully restored using traditional timbers and materials. The traditional atmosphere is preserved with the thick stone walls, raised wooden floor, real fire stove and library corner and contemporary touches are present throughout in the decor and furnishings.

The Inn started life as a farmhouse that served travellers between Keighley and Colne. In the 1900's local landowner Sir John Horsfall wouldn’t allow pubs in the nearby village of Glusburn and the Dog & Gun was perfectly located just over the beck in Malsis and thrived as a result.

pub barOur vision was clear from the start to return the Dog & Gun to what it once was, a place were locals and visitors to the area could enjoy a quiet drink, a long lunch or a family celebration. We have three children ourselves and know how expensive it can be to treat the family to a meal out so we wanted to be a place where the whole family could come and enjoy home-cooked food without spending a fortune. A place where the community is at the huband we could help attract more people to visit this beautiful part of Yorkshire.

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