Walk: Digley Reservoir

in Holmfirth

An easy, but varied walk through fields, alongside woods and just on the edge of the moor near Holmbridge.

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The Route

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Walk Description

From the Digley Quarry Car Park, go up the steps in the bank towards the reservoir and join a walled lane. Turn right along the lane – which first heads uphill but soon starts to drop. Ignore the first gap in the wall on the right, which leads to the quarry. Stay on the lane and towards the bottom of the slope, some shallow steps climb up to the right. Follow these onto a path between fields and woods.

When you reach another set of steps, use these to drop and follow the clear path which soon bears right onto a walled lane. Follow this lane for a short while to where it forks.

There is a bench between the two lanes, and here, keep left and descend, veering left and through a metal gate, to Bilberry Dam. Walk across the dam and follow the path to the left up the hill.

Continue on this path and through a gate in the wall until you reach a gate and bridge over the stream. With the reservoir to your left, follow the path, which soon bends to the left, through a gate and down to Digley South Car Park.

Cross the car park, to where you meet the road. Taking care, turn left along the road, which soon becomes paved, and crosses the reservoir embankment. Turn left at the end, and where the road curves to the right, go through a gate on the left and follow the path and the steps back to Digley Quarry Car Park.

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