Weather & Forecasts For Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

Discover the most reliable weather forecasts for Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK, tailored for those who live in or plan to visit this vibrant city. Leeds, with its bustling city center and green outskirts, offers a variety of weather conditions. Our forecasts are designed to help you navigate through sunny days, rainy afternoons, or chilly evenings, ensuring you’re always prepared.

Current Weather For Today, Tomorrow & The Week Forecast For Leeds

Below you can see the 7 day weather forecast for Leeds.

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Weather Facts & Information For Leeds

Leeds, a key player in the West Yorkshire region, showcases a climate that can vary significantly, reflective of its urban and natural landscapes. This city, known for its rich industrial history and cultural heritage, experiences a temperate maritime climate with distinct seasons.

Springtime in Leeds

The season of renewal, spring brings milder weather and blooming landscapes to Leeds, making it a perfect time for outdoor festivals and visiting the Royal Armouries Museum.

Leeds’ Summer Vibes

Summers are warm but rarely too hot, ideal for enjoying the city’s outdoor spaces like Roundhay Park and along the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. Occasional rainfalls keep the city fresh and vibrant.

Autumnal Leeds

Autumn sees Leeds transform with stunning shades of orange and brown. Cooler temperatures and the changing leaves create a picturesque setting for exploring the city’s architectural marvels.

Wintertime Charm

Winters are cool, with frosty mornings and the chance of snow, especially in January and February. The festive season brings a special charm to Leeds, with Christmas markets and events lighting up the city.

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