Weather & Forecasts For Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK

Explore the latest weather updates for Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK, right here. Renowned for its scenic coastline and vibrant cultural scene, Scarborough’s weather plays a pivotal role in both daily life and tourism. Our detailed weather forecasts provide you with essential information, whether you’re planning a day at the beach or a stroll around Scarborough Castle.

Current Weather & Weekly Forecast For Scarborough

Below you can see the week’s weather forecast for Scarborough.

Scarborough On The Map

Weather Facts & Information For Scarborough

In Scarborough, you can experience a variety of weather conditions throughout the year. Spring is fresh and lively, ideal for outdoor adventures along the coast. Summer offers warm, pleasant days perfect for beach visits and exploring the town’s rich history. Autumn sees cooler, windier conditions, great for witnessing the dramatic coastal scenery. Winter is often cold with brisk sea breezes, providing a unique coastal winter experience.

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