Bah Humbugs

in Masham

Address: 2 Market Place, Masham, North Yorkshire, HG4 4EB

Phone: +44 01765 688997


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Bah Humbugs is a fabulous Retro Sweets Shop based in Masham in the Yorkshire Dales with over 400 different Sweets, Sweet Hampers and Sweet Gifts to tempt your tastebuds. For those of you unable to make it to Masham, all of the sweets are also available via the online shop

Bah Humbugs was opened in May 2004 by Lucy Scott Paul who saw a gap in the market for proper English sweets. And where better to open a sweet shop than in her local market town of Masham!

Yorkshire is synonymous with sweet production, and Bah Humbugs is proud to boast that the vast majority of the sweets in Bah Humbugs still being manufactured in Yorkshire today! From Aniseed Balls to Acid Drops, Pontefract Cakes to Pear Drops, Strawberry Sherbets to Sarsaparilla Tablets, Floral Gums to Flying Saucers, Liquorice Torpedoes to Lemon Bon Bons, Sour Apples to Sherbet Lemons…you can find them all inside this Super Sweet Shop. Inside you will also find a huge selection of liqourices, over 50 different sorts in total so if you’re a liquorice lover, this is the place to visit!!

Bah Humbugs Sweet Shop also specialises in sweet gifts and we can boast that our Special Sweet Hampers have been enjoyed by thousands of people across the world including the current Prime Minister and Robbie Williams! All the sweets, sweet hampers, sweet jars are available to buy from our online sweet shop and we can ship parcels anywhere. We’ve sent sweets to places as far away as Argentina, Venezuela, Mongolia and Papua New Guinea! It would seem that no one does sweets quite like the British do!

Bah Humbugs Sweet Shop has become famous for a range of fabulous pieces of Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Artwork too! We’ve had huge sweet mosiacs of Marilyn Monroe, The Queen, Elvis Presley and William & Kate Windsor too! Visitors flock for miles to see these unusual pieces of art when they’re on display and they have even made it onto the BBC NEWS! You simply won’t believe that they’re made from thousands of jelly beans!

So if you’re heading to the Dales, then do call in to see us. Children love to visit us to spend their pocket money, but so do all adults, after all everyone enjoys sweets don’t they!

If you can’t make it to Yorkshire, take a look at our online shop where you will be able to purchase all our delicious sweets. In September 2015 Lucy Scott Paul, owner of Bah Humbugs won Forward Ladies Digital/Online Award for Yorkshire & The North East in recognition of the digital side of the business. You can read more about it here


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