Both Wagon Wheels Rolling into Yorkshire

in Leeds

Howdy, Yorkshire folk! Grab your boots and dust off your cowboy hats because this news will have you do-si-do-ing for joy. If you’re a fan of country music—heck, even if you ain’t—you’d best sit down for this one. We’ve got two country legends, Darius Rucker and Nathan Carter, rolling their wagon wheels into our very own Leeds! And yep, you guessed it; they’ve both covered that foot-stomping, chorus-belting classic, “Wagon Wheel.”

A Tale of Two Wagon Wheels

Before we spill the Yorkshire Tea on the upcoming concerts, let’s talk about the song that ties these two country kings together. “Wagon Wheel” has a fascinating origin story that begins with none other than Bob Dylan. Back in the day, Dylan recorded a little ditty called “Momma Rock Me,” but it never saw the light of day. Fast forward a few decades and along comes Old Crow Medicine Show, a bluegrass band that picked up the slack and rewrote the verses. Since then, “Wagon Wheel” has become a country anthem, belted out in bars, backyards, and, of course, concert halls.

A Taste of Ireland: Nathan Carter at Leeds Irish Centre

Nathan Carter will play Leeds Irish Centre

Video: Nathan Carter’s Wagon Wheel

Details – see Nathan live

First up, we’ve got Nathan Carter performing at the Leeds Irish Centre on September 15th, 2023, at 8:00 pm. Now, if you haven’t heard of Nathan Carter, you’re missing out on a pint of something really special. He’s Irish, he’s talented, and he’s bringing his own rendition of “Wagon Wheel” to our local stage. You can’t afford to miss this blend of country and Celtic spirit. Watch his version here—it’s already racked up 5.3 million views!

For more info, visit the event page.

Hootie’s Gone Country: Darius Rucker at O2 Academy Leeds

Darius Rucker will play O2 Academy Leeds

Video: Darius Rucker’s Wagon Wheel

Details – see Darius live

Fast forward to next year, May 5th, 2024, 7:00 pm. Mark the date, as Darius Rucker will be gracing us at the O2 Academy Leeds. For those who might be wondering, “Wait, isn’t that Hootie from Hootie & The Blowfish?” Yes, yes it is! Darius Rucker transitioned to country music, and oh boy, did he make a splash. His rendition of “Wagon Wheel” is a bona fide sensation, with over 404 million views! Watch it here and get those vocal cords ready for a good ol’ sing-along.

For more details, swing by the event page.

The Wagon Wheel Effect

So there you have it. Two artists, two concerts, but one legendary song uniting them—and us. Nathan Carter offers a jig-inducing Irish take, while Darius Rucker brings soulful Southern vibes. Either way, you’ll be shouting “Rock me, momma, like a wagon wheel” all night long.

Whether you’re new to country music or a seasoned line-dancer, these events are a must-see. Get your tickets, wear your best flannel, and come experience the phenomenon that is “Wagon Wheel,” Yorkshire-style!

As they say in country songs, life’s a journey, not a destination—and these wagon wheels are rollin’ straight into our hearts. Yee-haw! 🤠

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