Unveiling the Mysteries of The Forbidden Corner: A Wondrous Journey through Yorkshire’s Eccentric Garden

in Middleham

Enshrouded in an air of enchanting mysteries and whimsical adventures, The Forbidden Corner, nestled in the lush landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales, invites explorers from all walks of life to navigate its peculiar passages, unearth its concealed secrets, and immerse themselves in a world where the ordinary is artfully distorted into the delightfully bizarre. This comprehensive guide endeavors to shed light upon the myriad experiences encapsulated within this whimsical garden, guiding you through the artful chaos and ensuring a memorable day of joyous perplexity.

Chapter 1: Stepping into a World of Bewildering Beauty

The Peculiar Pathways

Embark on a journey through The Forbidden Corner’s intricate maze of paths and passages, where each turn is a choice, every corridor whispers of secrets, and dead-ends are but a playful jest. The Temple of the Underworld, The Eye of the Needle, and the glittering glass pyramid beckon you into an intriguing dance of decision and dilemma, enticing both young and seasoned explorers with its elusive charm.

A Sculptural Symphony

Let your curiosity guide you through a labyrinth interspersed with remarkable statues and life-size sculptures, each piece an enigmatic entity propelling the narratives of unspoken tales. From underground tunnels of the Cat & Mouse experience to the magnificence echoed by the Armstrong Mausoleum, every corner here promises a visual feast, blurring the boundaries between fantasy and reality.

Chapter 2: Enlivening the Experience

The Quest of Brass Rubbing

Engage in a whimsical quest of brass rubbing, where 15 hidden plaques whisper the name of a famed tourist attraction, awaiting to be uncovered by astute eyes. A delightful adventure that culminates in a monthly prize draw, this journey is sprinkled with joys and surprises for those who dare to delve.

Seasonal Spectacles

The Forbidden Corner transforms into a mystical realm during special occasions, such as the enigmatic Halloween week, replete with quizzes, fancy dress competitions, and alluring prizes, and the merry Sundays of December where Santa Claus himself bestows presents upon the young visitors, infusing the garden with festive spirit and joviality.

Chapter 3: Culinary & Souvenir Adventures

The Corner Café

Nestled within this perplexing garden, The Corner Café offers a delightful pause amidst your adventures. From the savory lure of award-winning pies and freshly crafted sandwiches to the sweet temptations of cakes and barista-made coffees, the café ensures your explorations are fueled with delectable offerings. The expansive children’s menu is thoughtfully curated to kindle joyous smiles on the younger adventurers.

A Memorable Farewell

Conclude your journey with a visit to the gift shop, where a diverse array of mementos and souvenirs await to be cherished keepsakes of your day amidst the bewitching anomalies of The Forbidden Corner.

Chapter 4: Planning Your Mystical Adventure

Ensuring Entry to the Enigma

Dive into the enigmatic world of The Forbidden Corner, where entry is an exclusive affair, mandating pre-booking to ensure your passage into this eccentric garden is seamless. Navigate through their website or reach out via telephone to secure your slot, and ensure your exploration into the unusual is unhindered.

Price Points for Entry

With varied pricing options accommodating adults, children, concessions, and families, the Forbidden Corner ensures that your journey into its mystical world is accessible and inclusive.

  • Adults: £13.00
  • Children (Under 4s free): £11.00
  • Concession: £12.00
  • Family: £46.00


The Forbidden Corner, with its alluring blend of whimsy, mystery, and artful peculiarity, promises a day where imagination unfurls its wings, and explorers are welcomed into a world where the fantastic gracefully intertwines with reality. So step forth, let the enigmatic allure of this peculiar garden in Yorkshire’s picturesque dales envelop you, and etch memories of a fantastically bewildering day out into your heart.

Note: Do verify prices, operational guidelines, and any COVID-19 related updates from The Forbidden Corner’s official website to ensure a smooth and safe adventure.

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