Triathlon training diary: keeping motivated

in Wetherby

So, this week is my first full week with a fully coached training programme with my key event LCW Yorkshire in the plan I’m ready to rumble, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been struggling with a lack of motivation this week and whereas before I would have probably just had a night off training, with a session booked in, I’ve given myself a mental kick and I’ve just got it done.

When the kids are tired after a full day at nursery and from the moment, I pick them up they’re a bundle of energy mixed with high emotions, moaning and the obvious tiredness from a long day. So, by the time they’re in bed I need to tap into my mental reserves to start the training session. Once I’m off and away I remember how much I enjoy pushing myself, hitting those targets, showing myself, I can do this.

Tuesday is club run night and it was dark and cold and I could have easily stayed at home in front of a warm fire, but I dragged myself out and had a productive session. Running with Harrogate Tri Club is good as I see friendly faces, have a little natter and you’re not on your own. This week was running 400’s with the same time rest (So run 400m at 2min/2min rest/repeat). Everyone runs at their own pace, which ultimately you determine but we do have a sheet which tells me what I should be running at.

If you look up VDot ( and know your best 5k time you should be able to find your 400m/200m etc run times. This should help you with your training as most people run too hard on their easy sessions (me included) and this will give you an idea of pacing for a 10k etc so you can steadily improve.

Swimming this week with the club was test week. Swimming 400m and 200m to find my CSS (critical swim speed), so what pace I should be swimming at for various distances. It’s a hard swim and one that many don’t want to do but if you want to improve then being able to vary your speed and swim off the clock will help. And coming away with a PB makes me want to keep showing up and putting in the work 😃.

As a mum of 2, during the week I rely on my turbo to hit the key sessions on the bike, especially in the winter when it’s dark once the kids are in bed. On the weekend I try to factor in at least one ride outdoors (on my own) to keep me skilful in real world conditions. It’s hard to get out these days and I must plan for them, but it makes me appreciate getting out so much more. This week was a Level 2 ride with a few hills. Now hills in Yorkshire are not hard to find but only getting a few for them, and not too big ones on one ride is hard. I went East for this one, cycling past Stockeld Park, Wetherby and back past Harewood House. Below is a link to the route on Garmin if you want to check it out:

Other sessions for this week were 2 x 1hr Zwift sessions, Strength and a 1hr run working on pacing.
Remember that come race day, when your 20mls into the LCW marathon or just starting to go up Lofthouse again on the second loop of LCW Sportive, it’s not the sessions that you were willing to do, but the sessions that you didn’t want to do, but showed up to, that are going to get you across the finishing line. Your mental strength is as important, if not more important than your physical strength.
Happy training x#

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