Hidden Cascades of Yorkshire: Unearthing the Lesser-Known Waterfall Wonders

While Yorkshire boasts iconic falls that often grace travel guides, it also holds secret cascades, nestled away from the well-trodden paths. These hidden gems, each unique in its beauty and character, offer tranquility, awe, and a sense of discovery. Join us as we venture into the lesser-known waterfall wonders of Yorkshire.

Wain Wath Force:

  • Found near Keld, Wain Wath Force, though not the mightiest, is draped in charm. The gentle cascades over limestone steps make it an idyllic spot for a serene afternoon.

Kisdon Force:

  • Tucked away in Swaledale, this two-tiered waterfall can be a haven of tranquillity, especially in the quieter months. Surrounded by woodland, Kisdon offers both beauty and solitude.

West Burton Falls (also known as Cauldron Falls):

  • This charming cascade in the village of West Burton in Wensleydale is often overshadowed by its more famous counterparts. Yet, with its woodland backdrop and serene pool, it’s a picturesque find.

Crackpot Falls:

  • Located near the wonderfully named village of Crackpot in Swaledale, this waterfall may be modest in size, but it holds a distinctive beauty, especially when viewed after a rainfall.

Cow Close Falls:

  • A stone’s throw from Grassington, Cow Close Falls is often missed by visitors. It’s a graceful cascade, especially mesmerizing in the autumn months.

Rainby Force:

  • Nestled deep in the dales, Rainby Force near Keld in Swaledale is a series of cascades with a hidden aura. Its secluded nature offers a peaceful backdrop, making it a true escape.

Posforth Gill Falls:

  • Tucked away in the Valley of Desolation near Bolton Abbey, this waterfall’s dramatic setting amidst stark, craggy landscapes lends it a unique allure.

Cotter Force:

  • Near Hawes, this gentle, multi-tiered waterfall offers a serene setting perfect for picnics or a quiet contemplation amidst nature.

Mossdale Beck Falls:

  • In-between Garsdale and Appersett, these less-visited falls flow beautifully, especially after a good rain. The moss-covered stones surrounding it add to its enchanting character.

Eller Beck Falls:

  • Located near Beck Hole in Goathland, the Thomason Foss Waterfall on Eller Beck is smaller than others but are surrounded by lush woodland, offering a delightful spot for nature lovers.

Yorkshire, with its rich tapestry of landscapes, continually surprises with its hidden corners of beauty. These lesser-known waterfalls serve as a gentle reminder that sometimes, the most enchanting spots remain whispered secrets, waiting to be found.

As always, when embarking on your waterfall quests, ensure to tread lightly, respect the natural surroundings, and cherish the pristine beauty of these unsung cascades.

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