Leeds United’s Farke Addresses Press Ahead of Leeds v Sunderland Clash

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In a candid exchange with the press yesterday, Leeds United‘s head coach Daniel Farke shared his thoughts and feelings ahead of tonight’s pivotal match against Sunderland at Elland Road.

With the promotion race heating up, Farke’s insights offer a glimpse into the team’s preparation and mindset as they gear up for this crucial encounter. The match promises to be an intense battle, with Leeds aiming to secure vital points to maintain their strong position in the promotion race.

Below is the full transcript of the press conference, capturing the essence of Farke’s perspective on the team’s current standing, the importance of the upcoming game, and his reflections on the season thus far.

“Hi Daniel, nice to see you. How are you firstly? How are you feeling after the weekend because obviously a slight setback for you and the team but of course you go again tomorrow. How is everyone feeling after the weekend?”

Daniel Farke: “Yes, bit special feeling because we’re not used to have a day after a loss in this year and also we allowed us in the first 24 hours to be disappointed to suffer also a little bit. We allowed us to be self-critical, especially in the dressing room. I don’t like vanity and I like to speak and I don’t like to sugar coat a game when we not there at our best and we were not there at our best away at Coventry. So we allowed us to be self-critical. But then it’s also important not to dwell under it and to see also the bigger picture.”

Question: “It’s an absolutely enthralling promotion race with obviously the three teams you know split by a point or two all going at it now. Obviously, you’ve been involved before, you’ve been promoted as a manager. When it comes to this stage of the season and it’s so close between the clubs, is it about which team, which set of players deal with the pressure best?”

Daniel Farke: “First of all, I would still think that also Southampton is still there in the race. So obviously they have the most difficult and complicated situation in order to finish in the top two but they have quality and they’ve also shown before that they’re capable to win several games in a row. I think four teams have still the chance to finish in the top two and will be a tight race.”

Question: “Are you enjoying it?”

Daniel Farke: “Yes, I’m a competitor so I always enjoyed the crunch time period. I was never a big fan of friendlies and even after my career so didn’t like testimonials anyhow. So I wanted to play games as a player and also as a manager where it’s important. So I really enjoy this time of the season. It comes along also with lots of work and pressure and yes, you think a lot about it but it’s quite enjoyable.”

Question: “You said recently that this business end of the season brings out the best in you as a manager and it is something you enjoy and you touched on it there. How do you ensure that it brings out the best in your players as well?”

Daniel Farke: “Yes, that’s the problem. So at least my personal feeling is that I’m at my best when it’s really the sea is getting rough and you have to show leadership and also to be there with the right decision and cool in the head although the fire is burning in the heart. But the biggest problem is it’s not about me, it’s football is never just a manager game or like a game of chess between managers. The most important are the players.”

Question: “Dan, does the sea feel rough? What’s the pressure feel like for you? How would you describe it?”

Daniel Farke: “First of all, the most important topic is to stay the same because sometimes as managers we have then a bit the feeling when there is special attention on the game or on the games or everyone is going crazy that you have to do something special. So you’re overreacting sometimes a bit and interpreting your own role.”

Question: “After a rare defeat like the weekend, do you sort of look at the players individually in the eyes and just make sure that that expression you use about having the knife between your teeth that that’s still there for them all and that they haven’t blinked and have been affected by the overreaction say from some fans and the results itself?”

Daniel Farke: “Yes, so first of all I have to say so outside of our group with the players and the staff, everyone is allowed to overreact because football is fun, is emotions and everyone especially also supporters can also be over the moon or totally down after a loss. I think it’s important to allow them this but it’s also important to focus the group and what is necessary.”

Question: “Do you think it’ll be the same squad for Sunderland or would you have any additions or has anybody dropped down?”

Daniel Farke: “No additions. There’s a question mark behind Ethan Ampadu, he’s struggling with illness in the last 48 hours, was not available to train with us not yesterday also not today. So will be a tight race if he’s really available.”

Question: “And how do you go about a side like Sunderland who’ve got nothing to play for, have they? Mid-table, not up, not down.”

Daniel Farke: “Nothing to play for in this business is relative. I would say each and every point is important. It says a lot enough about the ambition of this club that they had several changes in managerial positions, although they were never in danger of being in the worst position.”

This comprehensive dialogue with Daniel Farke sheds light on Leeds United‘s preparation, resilience, and strategic outlook as they face Sunderland. With Farke at the helm, the team not only reflects on their setbacks but also looks ahead with determination and a clear vision for success.

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