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Welcome to Skipton Car Parks, your go-to partner for easy parking in Skipton’s center. Managed by Craven District Council, the facilities are conveniently scattered throughout the town, ensuring you’re never far from its treasures—such as the historic Skipton Castle, the lively High Street, or the quaint Skipton Town Hall.

Choose from six locations, whether you need a brief stop or a long-term spot for exploring the Yorkshire Dales. And for those driving electric vehicles, we offer charging points to support your environmentally friendly travel.

Map of Available Car Parks In Skipton

Events In Skipton

Below can see some of the current events in Skipton.

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Feminine power – Devine to the demonic

Craven arts house, 55 Otley Street, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD231ET, United Kingdom

Date & Time:

June 1st, 2023 11:00am

Nature Matters Archive Film Screening: Skipton

Skipton Library, High Street, Skipton, BD23 1JX, United Kingdom

Date & Time:

April 18th, 2023 2:00pm

Visitor Information Centre

The Visitor Information Centre, situated within Skipton Town Hall, serves as a key resource for both tourists and local inhabitants, providing extensive details on local attractions and notable sites.

Should you arrive by car, a variety of parking facilities are readily available, including spaces for individuals with disabilities. Those with blue badges have the advantage of using specially reserved areas. Keep in mind that while there is a fee for parking, its purpose is to promote turnover, ensuring availability for all visitors.

Staff members at the centre are knowledgeable about the top parking locations, some of which offer extended time limits. Feel free to visit and gather insights from the experts on site!

Car Park Locations

Skipton provides various parking spots to suit different needs. The High Street Carpark is ideal for those on a brief visit, offering a short-stay option. It also provides electric charging stations for eco-friendly vehicles. On the other hand, the combination of Coach Street & Cavendish Street Carparks is perfect for those needing extra time. This car park allows for extended stays, providing ample opportunity to visit landmarks like Skipton Castle without concern for time. However, it is important to keep in mind the maximum stay rules to avoid unwanted fines.

Securing a spot for your vehicle is straightforward, and the town’s allure is always within easy reach. Simply park, disembark, and relish the leisurely pace of Skipton.

Parking Duration Limits

Regarding parking duration limits, most car parks in Skipton implement a maximum stay of 4 hours to support turnover and ensure access for visitors. This shorter stay is ideal for a quick trip to the shops or meeting friends for coffee.

But suppose you’re interested in taking a more extended stroll or sitting down for a leisurely meal? In that case, certain areas provide an extra hour, offering a bit more time to relax.

Additionally, for those wishing to experience Skipton’s evening offerings or requiring a break before continuing their journey, overnight parking is an option.

Variety is key, isn’t it? Whether you need a brief stop or an extended visit, there’s a parking option available for your itinerary. Just make sure to read the signs and adhere to the limits to maintain order and prevent issues!

Overnight Motorhome Parking

Touring motorhome enthusiasts will appreciate Skipton’s Overnight Motorhome Tickets, which allow for parking from 6 pm until 9 am in specific car parks. With these passes, you can claim a spot away from the daytime activity. And isn’t the concept of complimentary parking from dusk till dawn appealing?

Traveling in your mobile abode should come with ease, and securing an overnight position in Skipton is straightforward. With so much to see in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, it’s comforting to know your vehicle has its own snug berth at night.

Keep in mind, these spaces are highly sought after, so secure one when available and sleep peacefully, ready for what lies ahead.

Electric Vehicle Charging

After establishing motorhome overnight parking, Skipton has also installed electric vehicle charging stations in the High Street car park. These convenient spots are ready to recharge your car while you take in the local sights. What’s more, parking is complimentary from 6pm to 9am—a superb offer, wouldn’t you agree?

However, daytime parking incurs a fee, yet it’s reasonable to ensure your electric vehicle stays charged. Using the charging bays is straightforward, and finding an available space is often not a problem. Simply connect your vehicle, enjoy some leisure time or a meal in town, and return to a fully powered automobile. It’s as simple as that!

Rail Access to Skipton

Skipton is well-served by car parks and offers convenient rail access. The Victorian Skipton railway station provides connections for travelers from Leeds, Bradford, Morecambe, Carlisle, and additional locations. When you’re taking a train to this charming market town, you’ll arrive directly in the heart of it, merely steps away from the lively High Street.

Expect connections that make your travel as breezy as Yorkshire’s air. With trains regularly departing to and from Leeds, a day trip or weekend getaway to Skipton is hassle-free. Opting for the train is an eco-friendly choice and also means avoiding the search for parking – a double benefit!

Public Toilet Availability

Regarding public toilet availability, Skipton provides several options for visitors.

These include facilities at the High Street Car Park, open from 9am to 6pm, and the round-the-clock accessible toilets at Skipton Bus Station.

If you’re wandering through town or stepping off the bus, knowing these restrooms are close by is super convenient. Worrying about locating a place when you need one isn’t necessary!

The bus station restrooms are particularly handy, with their 24-hour access ensuring you’re covered at all times.

As for the High Street Car Park? It’s right in the center, making it easy to pop in from nearby stores or before making your way home.

Contacting Visitor Services

Should you require assistance or have any inquiries during your visit to Skipton, the Visitor Information Centre located in the Town Hall is your go-to resource for comprehensive support and guidance.

Planning to explore our charming destination? Drop by when you arrive, and we’ll make sure your visit is as enjoyable as possible. Whether it’s booking recommendations or just a friendly chat to get the local lowdown, our team’s here to help.

Got questions about car parks or need tips on what to see and do? We’ve got all the answers to ensure your trip is a breeze. Just pop in and let’s make your Skipton adventure one to remember!

Accessibility Features

Skipton’s car parks come equipped with various features to accommodate all visitors’ needs, such as specially allocated disabled parking spaces and flat entryways.

Hey, just a heads up, blue badge holders will appreciate the straightforward parking here. Spaces are clearly marked and conveniently located.

What’s more, certain areas don’t require payment, which is a pleasant perk, wouldn’t you agree?

Maneuvering through the parking areas is simple, and the car parks are designed to make the transition from your vehicle to the town’s attractions as effortless as can be.

No complications or difficulties – parking is made accessible for everyone.

Family Amenities

Skipton’s car parks provide a range of family-oriented amenities. These include specialized facilities for baby changing and secure, easily reachable spaces for strollers.

When strolling in the park with youngsters, it’s reassuring to know multiple short-term parking spots are readily available. This proximity means quick access to your vehicle is guaranteed for changing diapers or sheltering from unpredictable weather.

Additionally, complimentary parking during off-peak times allows for a stress-free outing without concern over the expense of parking. Whether you’re planning a brief visit or an extended stay near the time limit, these amenities ensure your trip to Skipton is as hassle-free as possible.

Covid-19 Safety Measures

As we continue to navigate the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, Skipton car parks have introduced a variety of safety protocols to safeguard visitors and employees.

When considering a visit and intending to park near Skipton bus station, rest assured that your health is a priority. Opting to pay for your parking before arrival reduces contact and helps you start your time in the area more efficiently.

These Covid-19 precautions are part of an enduring strategy aimed at enhancing the wellbeing of everyone. Stations with hand sanitizers are conveniently placed throughout, while surfaces that frequently come into contact with people are cleaned more intensively.

Next time you plan to stop by, take comfort in knowing that Skipton is looking out for you with these considerate measures.

Nearby Attractions

Near Skipton’s accessible car parks, guests can discover a variety of attractions such as the ancient Skipton Castle and the picturesque Yorkshire Dales. Wandering along the High Street, you find yourself steps away from lively markets and charming shops that reflect the unique character of this quaint town.

On your visit, consider a train journey from Skipton to Carlisle, traversing the magnificent Ribblehead Viaduct—an experience railway fans should not miss. If you’re willing to take a brief drive, the diverse cultural offerings of Bradford await, with its museums and galleries ideal for an excursion.

Whatever your interests may be, the attractions close to Skipton promise to enrich your trip.

Parking App Benefits

Using a parking app provides unmatched convenience for those looking to find a spot in Skipton’s lots. With features like real-time availability, you can easily grab that open parking on a busy Saturday instead of driving around the block.

Additionally, the app presents parking fees clearly, eliminating guesswork and unexpected costs. It’s clever enough to display spaces in both metric and imperial measurements, catering to your preferences in feet or meters.

This method is the most seamless way to integrate parking into your weekend plans. A few quick taps and your car is parked—no need for coins or the stress of returning to refresh the meter.

This approach to parking is uncomplicated, offering you extra moments to savor Skipton’s allure.

Popular Questions

Are There Any Loyalty or Discount Programs Available for Frequent Users of Skipton Car Parks?

Currently, no specific loyalty or discount programs are openly promoted for those who use Skipton Car Parks frequently. Nonetheless, it’s advisable for customers to reach out to the local council or parking authority to ask about any special, unadvertised deals that might be available.

Can I Reserve a Specific Parking Spot for a Special Event or Occasion in Skipton?

To book a parking space for a special event, get in touch with the local parking authority or the venue where the event will be held to check on space availability and understand their booking procedures, aiming for an uninterrupted occasion.

What Is the Policy for Lost Parking Tickets or Disputes Over Parking Fines in Skipton Car Parks?

If you’ve misplaced your parking ticket or have a challenge regarding a parking fine in Skipton Car Parks, reach out to the local council’s parking services for assistance. The process they outline may involve submitting proof or settling a fee for the misplaced ticket.

Are There Any Car Wash or Maintenance Services Available at or Near Skipton Car Parks?

Car washing or upkeep services are generally not available at public car parks. Local specialized auto service shops would be the recommended places to seek such services.

How Does the Car Park Management Handle Security Incidents or Vehicle Break-Ins?

Car park managers often collaborate with local law enforcement to address security breaches and incidents involving vehicle break-ins. They also install surveillance equipment and ensure prompt support is available for owners of vandalized vehicles.

Accommodation Options While In Skipton

Below you can see some of the options available to booking while in the area.

Simon’s Seat View

Bracken House, Skipton, BD23 6DE, United Kingdom

Herriots Hotel

Broughton Road, Skipton, BD23 1RT, United Kingdom

Hotel Rendezvous – Skipton, North Yorkshire

Keighley Road, Skipton, BD23 2TA, United Kingdom

Boutique 25

25 Newmarket Street, Skipton, BD23 2JE, United Kingdom

Crown Cottage Farm

Crown Cottage Farm, Skipton, BD23 6PR, United Kingdom

The Coniston Hotel Country Estate & Spa

Coniston Cold, Gargrave, BD23 4EA, United Kingdom

Old Hall Croft Barn

West Street Gargrave, Skipton, BD23 3RJ, United Kingdom

Nethergill Farm

Nethergill Farm, Skipton, BD23 5JS, United Kingdom

The Gamekeeper’s Inn

Gamekeeper’s Inn, Long Ashes Park Threshfield, Skipton, BD23 5PN, United Kingdom

Squint Cottage

Skipton, BD23 5AL, United Kingdom

Dray Cottage

Skipton, BD23 1LB, United Kingdom

Apartment 2

Skipton, BD23 1RD, United Kingdom

9 Riverside Walk

Skipton, BD23 4AF, United Kingdom

Bondcroft Farm B&B

Bondcroft Farm Kirk Lane Embsay, Skipton, BD23 6SF, United Kingdom

The Unicorn Skipton

Unicorn Hotel, Skipton, BD23 2LP, United Kingdom

The snuggly den apartment

62 Broughton Road, Skipton, BD23 1TS, United Kingdom

The Rectory Rooms, Studio 4

Little Village Lane Linton, Skipton, BD23 5HH, United Kingdom

The Railway

10 Carlton Street, Skipton, BD23 2AJ, United Kingdom
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