SPECIAL OFFER! Get a Yorkshire.com Listing for JUST £1

In the USA, Black Friday (the Friday after thanksgiving) is a HUGE day for discounts, and in this spirit, because we’re encouraging our American friends to come over to Yorkshire, and visit us as often as possible, we’ve gone and drawn deep inspiration from them, to apply a good American tradition, to one of Yorkshire thriftiness, and made the ultimate deal for Black Friday- Get a Yorkshire.com listing for just £1!

Of course, there are some terms. A Yorkshire.com listing is a subscription, and the subscription will renew at the “normal” price of £30 + VAT next month, however, it’s possible to unsubscribe at any time, and from within the My Account page.

We’re offering this deal to help former Welcome to Yorkshire members get onto the new system, quickly and easily, claim and clear up any old listings, get themselves a login, and get a feel for the new submission process.

How to take advantage of this incredible offer

  1. Visit the Basic Subscription product – this is the only one for which this offer will work
  2. Insert the voucher code BLACKFRIDAY2022 when prompted in the checkout or cart page
  3. You’ll see that your initial price has been reduced down to just £1
  4. After completing checkout – for just £1 – you’ll be logged into your shiny new Yorkshire.com account, and in the My Account page, you’ll see a link to here
  5. Submit one of the three basic listing options TIP you can copy and paste in the URL of an existing listing when you do this and our editors will remove the old listing, and forward it to the new one, when it goes live.
  6. That’s it! There is a small pause, because our team checks and approves all listings (we fix typos, and make sure your pics and links are all looking good, as well as setting location and categories to get you maximum eyeballs).
  7. HURRY – this offer ends on Saturday 26 November – it will only last for Black Friday.

What if you want to cancel, later?

We’ve all signed up for things we don’t want to keep using, and we understand. This isn’t some telephone a call centre to cancel situation. There’s an option to Upgrade OR Cancel in My Account, under “Subscriptions”. It looks like this:

The subscription options in the My Account pages.

Upgrade Your Subscription Later

As you can see, you can also upgrade or downgrade your subscription – we hope that you feel the great value of your subscription, and, if you have other businesses, you’ll get great value from a Business or Corporate account, which allows for more submissions, and the upload of Job Listings, Press Releases, Media Opportunities and more.

You can take the Upgrade at any time, and the amount you have already paid is pro-rated, so your initial £1 is never wasted!

Any questions or comments, leave a public one, below, or a private one by contacting us.

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