Walk: Aristocrats and Kings Walk

in Snaith

A Heritage Walk around the countryside at Snaith that passes a former brewery but focuses on aristocratic families from the past and kings who came here to hunt and to relax.

The Route

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Walk Description

Before you start walking, you may want to look at the HERITAGE BOARD called A RICH HERITAGE that tells the story of 5 local aristocratic families.

  1. Leave Snaith Station Car Park through the pedestrian gate, turn right and bear right down Ferry Lane.
  2. Stop at the HERITAGE BOARD- The Story of Snaith’s River, sited next to the old toll bridge, built by Thomas Stapleton of Carlton Towers in 1777.
    3.Walk on the riverbank( Carlton Towers may be visible) until you reach a signpost, where you need to turn right, through a gate.
  3. Walk on the track on the right-hand side of the field to a gate.
  4. Go through the gate and turn left.
  5. Walk alongside the beck to another gate. Go through to a footpath junction.
  6. Turn right, go over the level crossing and up to the main road.
  7. Cross the main road to the entrance to the grounds of Cowick Hall. You will see a HERITAGE BOARD to the right of the entrance that outlines the history of the Dawnay family that lived here.
  8. Walk straight forward and then turn left on Little London Lane. The name gives a clue to the upcoming link to kings.
  9. Follow the lane to the end, where a gate takes you on to a track.
  10. Follow the track to another HERITAGE BOARD. This one tells the story of a hunting lodge that was eventually converted into a Manor House.
  11. Continue along the footpath that leads on to a road. TAKE CARE.
  12. Turn right and then first left onto another footpath that goes through a wooded area and leads onto a tarmac lane.
  13. As you walk along, you will see buildings that were part of an award winning brewery. You will find the full story of the brewery on a HERITAGE BOARD sited on the triangle of grass at the top of the lane.
  14. Just before the triangle, you need to turn left, through a gap in the hedge onto a footpath, through a gate and on to a track.
  15. At the end of the track, turn right and walk all the way to the main road in the distance. On the way, notice Snaith Hall, behind the petrol station.
  16. Turn right and walk to the second pedestrian crossing.
  17. Cross here, then walk back to the station.

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