Walk: Around Colton (Thorpe Park Hotel and Spa)

in Leeds

Around the urban Colton, there’s some pretty lovely open spaces, from the Thorpe Park Hotel to the grounds of Temple Newsam.

Picture of Thorpe Park Hotel and Spa
Thorpe Park Hotel and Spa Picture

The Route

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Walk Description

With the hotel behind you. Walk towards the roundabout and cross straight over to follow Century Way to the big roundabout with the A6120 Selby Way. Turn left to walk past the petrol station and cross over Selby Road using the pelican crossing.

When on the other side pavement, turn right to walk down Stile Hill Way. At the next roundabout, turn right to cross over Stile Hill Way as the pavement is only on this side of the road, and then turn left. The road is now Bullerthorpe Lane. When this pavement stops, turn right between the trees and carry straight on along the track as it turns to the left.

As this track joins another coming in from the left, carry straight on and follow this track through two double bends to emerge opposite Colton Farm at the bottom of Park Road. Turn left over the stile and follow the clear path into the trees and to the edge of Menagerie Pond. Turn right and follow the path between the car park on the left and the rose garden on the right. Continue on the path and take a path to the right into the wood.

Then, at the next junction, turn left and follow this path through the wood all the way to a track. Take the direct line straight in front of you across the grass to a cycleway, turning right to follow it. Continue on this main cycleway and cross over Colton Lane, continuing on it on the other side. Eventually, turn left at the junction of tracks to reach the side of the A6120 Selby Way. Turn right and walk to the pelican crossing. Cross Selby Way here, and turn right, following alongside the dual carriageway and crossing over several roads until you reach the big roundabout again. Turn left and follow Century Way back to the Thorpe Park Hotel & Spa.

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