Walk: Filey Brigg Country Park

in Filey

This beautiful country park is located next to the coast at Filey and provides a lovely mix of coastal and grassland environments for a walk.

Filey Brigg, Yorkshire

The Route

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Walk Description

Starting Point: Filey Brigg Park Entrance

Embark on a journey that captures the quintessence of coastal splendor and geological wonder at Filey Brigg. This walk isn’t just a stroll beside the sea; it’s an entrée into some of the most majestic vistas that not just the region, but the world has to offer. Your starting point at Filey Brigg Park gives you an immediate sense of what’s to come: a unique amalgam of natural grandeur and family-friendly amenities.

As you move along the park’s paths, you’ll encounter an open space punctuated by the laughter and shouts of children enjoying the playground. This family-friendly feature ensures that the walk offers something for younger adventurers, too. While little ones swing and slide, you can prepare for the stunning panorama that awaits you. But do take note: while the park itself is a haven for children and pets—yes, dogs are welcomed too—the cliffside segments require vigilant supervision for the safety of both.

Now, prepare yourself for the awe-striking journey to Filey Brigg’s steep cliffs. These towering formations are living textbooks of geological history, documenting the ceaseless activities that have shaped this landscape over the last 150 million years. As you stand on the edge, the views are nothing short of breathtaking—a sweeping tableau of the bay and the charming town of Filey, framed against the expansive sky and the ceaseless sea. It’s one of those humbling moments that remind you of the grand scale of nature and the incredible beauty that our world offers.

In addition to its geological marvels, Filey Brigg is a sanctuary for coastal flora and fauna. The rugged cliffs serve as nesting grounds for seabirds, while the rock pools below offer a glimpse into the rich marine life that thrives in this habitat. Bring along a pair of binoculars and a keen sense of curiosity—you never know what natural wonders you might discover.

Having absorbed the scenery, the sea air, and perhaps captured a few stunning photographs, begin your return to Filey Park. The walk back is a time for reflection, a moment to internally catalog the sights and sensations of this unforgettable coastal sojourn.

Round off your journey back in the park, perhaps with a family picnic or a leisurely cup of tea from a nearby kiosk. As you relish the final moments, you’ll likely find yourself contemplating when you can return to this unparalleled stretch of coast.

Whether you’re a family seeking a day of varied experiences, a couple looking for romantic vistas, or a nature enthusiast eager to delve into geological timelines, this Filey Brigg walk is more than a pathway—it’s an invitation to explore the multifaceted beauty of Yorkshire’s coast.

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