Walk: River Rawthey

in Sedbergh

An easy walk through and around the friendly town of Sedbergh. This walk takes you from the middle of Sedbergh down to the River Rawthey

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The Route

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Walk Description

Starting from the Joss Lane car park in Sedbergh, turn left and follow the footpath to join Long Lane. Turn left onto Long Lane and cross the road at the zebra crossing by the police station. Turn right onto the A684 and follow the footpath to the school entrance. From here the surface is a mixture of concrete and compact earth with a general width of 100cm. There is one accessible kissing gate along the length of the route. The section of the footpath along the river is relatively flat. However, the descent from Settlebeck School has gradients reaching 1:7.

Whilst walking along the river, look out for heron, dipper and goosander as well as nuthatch, tree creeper and long-tailed tit in the trees and hedges. In the late autumn look out for salmon jumping at the weir.

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