Leeds Owl Trail

in Leeds

Spot owls in the daytime with the Leeds Owl Trail!

Set out of on a voyage through the history of Leeds with the Leeds Owl Trail, a map of 25 locations across Leeds City Centre. Each pinpointed spot in the city has its own unique owl to be discovered.

Each owl on the Leeds Owl Trail has seen a variety of fascinating things during its lifetime. When you find each owl, you will find out why it has been placed there and discover a brief snapshot of its view of Leeds.

The owl is a symbol of Leeds because it is a major part of the Leeds Coat-of-Arms. The owls were added to represent the Savile family who were gifted large parts of Yorkshire by William the Conqueror in the 11th century. The original crest was a shield with three little owls on.

This engaging interactive trail is a great way to keep kids entertained this half-term. And, as nocturnal predators, owls are a suitably spooky creature to hunt out this Halloween!

Download the map here or purchase a copy at the Leeds Visitors Centre for £1. The Leeds Visitors Centre is located underneath the Leeds Art Gallery.

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