Walk: Huggate Poetry Bench Circular

in Huggate

The Huggate Poetry Bench Circular walk is a delightful journey through the tranquil Yorkshire Wolds, offering picturesque landscapes and an inspiring connection with nature and literature. This approximately three-mile trail starts and finishes in the quaint village of Huggate, known for its charming scenery and the highest point in the Wolds.

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KC6GM5 Wolds Poetry Bench overlooking Horse Dale, East Yorkshire

The Route

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Walk Description

As you embark on the walk, the path takes you through rolling fields and serene woodland areas, where the sounds of nature provide a peaceful backdrop. The route is well-marked and traverses gently undulating terrain, making it accessible for walkers of most abilities.

A highlight of the walk is the curved poetry bench designed by artist Angus Ross, who created it to represent the curves of the dales (or dry valleys) and the springs along the Yorkshire Wolds Way. The bench is carved with a poem by John Wedgwood Clarke (#ad).

The route offers stunning views across the Yorkshire Wolds, with opportunities to see wildlife and enjoy the rich flora. Depending on the season, walkers can admire a tapestry of colours from blooming wildflowers or the golden hues of harvested fields.

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