5 reasons to shop local in 2022

in Skipton in York

For you, for Yorkshire, for the world… Discover our top 5 reasons to shop local in 2022.

Keelham Farm Shop – Skipton

January is a month for new beginnings. Following a December of rest and reflection, we use the new year as an opportunity for reinvention. A chance to consciously commit to new goals to change our lifestyle for the better.

Physical health is an ever-present trend in new year resolutions, popularised by challenges such as ‘Dry January’ and ‘Veganuary’. However, whilst we reconsider what we eat, we do not re-evaluate where our food comes from.

Food – from preference to production to place – is being portrayed as a game-changer for our climate emergency. Small changes in our normal habits could have a huge impact on slowing global heating. One of the easiest changes to make is to prioritise local produce, so play your part and shop local in 2022.

There are endless reasons to shop local apart from the environmental benefits. Buying directly from farmers in your area supports your community financially and gives you access to the freshest ingredients. It is also a more enjoyable experience than the standard supermarket rush! You will also be more aware of seasonal produce.

We challenge you to support Yorkshire food and drink producers by doing your bit to shop local in 2022. You will be amazed by the variety of innovative and delicious delicacies that are right on your doorstep!

5 reasons to shop local Yorkshire food and drink in 2022

1. Fresh Produce

A great benefit of buying local goods is you can be sure that they are fresh. This means more flavour and a longer shelf-life. You won’t find vegetables that have been picked the same day at your local supermarket! There is also more opportunity to eat organic produce that has been grown without the use of chemicals.

2. Support Your Community

We are lucky that Yorkshire has a great community spirit. What better way to celebrate that than by supporting the farmers who work the fields around you? Keeping money in your local community means more employment opportunities, more variety of produce, and more restaurants and cafés serving up Yorkshire food and drink.

3. More Sustainable

Planes, boats, trains, and cars bring produce to the UK from all over the world. Reduce your carbon footprint by prioritising homegrown Yorkshire fare where you can. Yorkshire has some of the best food in the world, so there is no need to go further afield! Shopping locally also means less packaging, and encourages you to eat seasonal produce which helps you to save some pennies and eat Yorkshire food when it is at its best.

4. More Enjoyable!

Let’s face it – pottering around your local town or market is a lovely way to love where you live! Popping into your local greengrocers, butchers, fishmongers and bakeries guarantees you a good chat and a few smiles, as well as superior quality produce.

5. Local Favourites

Shopping locally exposes you to less common delicacies that cannot always be found in the larger supermarkets. Take the opportunity to try speciality Yorkshire cheeses, for example, or a new fish from the ‘catch of the day’, or a honey that tastes like the heather of the North York Moors. Vendors will be happy to advise you based on your preferences and palette.

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