Best Yorkshire beaches 2024

Yorkshire beaches offer a diverse and charming coastline, from serene sands and historic harbors to family-friendly resorts and nature reserves. Whether you seek the traditional seaside experience, adventure sports, or tranquil retreats, Yorkshire’s coastline caters to all tastes. These beaches are not just scenic but also rich in history and local culture, providing a perfect blend for a memorable visit. Explore this unique blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage along the Yorkshire coast.

Whitby West Cliff

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Address: North Terrace, Whitby, North Yorkshire YO21 3EN, UK

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Whitby West Cliff Beach, renowned for its picturesque setting and cultural landmarks, offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and historic charm. With its golden sands, stunning views, and proximity to Whitby’s famous Abbey and quaint streets, it’s an ideal spot for both relaxation and exploration. This beach is a must-visit for anyone looking to enjoy the quintessential British seaside experience.

Scarborough North Bay

Address: N Bay Promenade, Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO12 7TP, UK

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Scarborough North Bay Beach is known for being quieter than the South Bay beach nearby. The beach boasts clean, golden sands backed by picturesque cliffs and scenic views. It’s also a hub for outdoor activities, including water sports and leisurely walks along the promenade, providing a peaceful retreat from the busier South Bay area. The colourful beach huts are also available to hire for shelter and a useful base.

Scarborough South Bay

Scarborough South Bay Beach is a vibrant and bustling destination, perfect for those seeking entertainment and leisure by the seaside. With its classic arcades, lively promenade, and historical landmarks such as Scarborough Castle, this beach offers a traditional British seaside experience. The area is well-suited for families, offering various attractions and facilities to keep everyone entertained.

With more than 350 years’ practice, Britain’s first seaside resort gets all the essentials right for a traditional stay.

Sunday Times Best Beaches in England 2023


Address: Hornsea, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK

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Hornsea Beach, nestled on the Yorkshire coast, is a serene and picturesque destination known for its extensive sands and tranquil atmosphere. Ideal for leisurely strolls, birdwatching, and family outings, this beach offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle, highlighted by its charming seafront promenade and local amenities.


Address: Withernsea, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK

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Withernsea Beach is a quaint, family-friendly destination featuring a distinctive lighthouse and promenade. Withernsea Beach offers a more relaxed environment compared to the bustling atmosphere of Scarborough’s South Bay or the adventurous appeal of Cayton Bay. It provides a quieter, more serene experience than the historic and tourist-centric Whitby West Cliff Beach. Ideal for those seeking a peaceful retreat without the extensive commercialization found in larger resorts.

Runswick Bay

Runswick Bay stands out among UK beaches with its unspoiled charm, dramatic cliffs, and picturesque scenery. Compared to other British beaches, it offers a quieter, more secluded retreat, ideal for those looking to escape the crowds. Its unique combination of natural beauty, fossil hunting opportunities, and historical allure creates a distinctive coastal experience.

“Family friendly, a scimitar of white sand fine enough for castles and broad enough for beach cricket.”

Sunday Times Best Beaches in England 2023

Filey Beach

Filey Beach, with its vast stretches of golden sand and tranquil atmosphere, contrasts with the more bustling scenes of nearby Scarborough and the historic charm of Whitby. Ideal for families and nature enthusiasts, Filey offers a peaceful escape, distinguishing itself with less commercialization and more space for relaxation and exploration.

“Curvy Bay Beach has so much space you’ll barely need to meet another soul.”

Sunday Times Best Beaches in England 2023

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