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Nestled in the heart of North Yorkshire, Northallerton is a beacon for walking enthusiasts. The area is surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of the North York Moors National Park and rich with historical sites like Mount Grace Priory, this picturesque market town is a starting point for an array of walks, from short, leisurely strolls to circular walks that challenge and delight.

Regardless if you’re exploring the lovely villages dotting the region or venturing along the ridge for excellent views, Northallerton promises a walk to remember for every fitness level. Also see our dedicated page for walking the North York Moors.

Northallerton has some of the most stunning walking trails and routes in Yorkshire.

Easy Walks for Beginners

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A Stroll to Ainderby Steeple

Begin your walking adventure with a short walk to the charming village of Ainderby Steeple. This route takes you through quiet paths lined with white-flowered wild garlic, offering beautiful views of the countryside. It’s perfect for those looking to complete a circular walk without the challenge of steep hills or road walking.

The Pleasure of Circular Walks

For those preferring a loop without the need for navigating back, Northallerton’s vicinity has a number of circular walks. These routes offer the joy of experiencing the tranquil beauty of North Yorkshire from different perspectives, making them ideal for walkers of any fitness level.

Intermediate Trails for Seasoned Walkers

The Carlton Bank Challenge

For those walking for fitness, the route to Carlton Bank presents a rewarding challenge. As part of the Cleveland Way, this trail offers great views across the valley and is well-loved by the Ramblers Association. The climb to Cringle Moor is a highlight, providing panoramic views that are truly worth exploring.

Historical Routes: Mount Grace Priory

A walk through history, the trail leading to the ruins of Mount Grace Priory is a journey back in time. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the North York Moors, this route combines cultural enrichment with physical activity. It’s a fascinating exploration for those interested in the region’s past and present.

Nature and Wildlife Walks

Through the Woods to Great Ayton

A walk in the woods takes you to the lovely village of Great Ayton. Following footpaths through dense woods, this walk is highlighted by excellent views and the chance to spot local wildlife. The presence of the River Leven adds a serene backdrop to this delightful excursion.

The Floral Beauty of the Countryside

Spring and summer walks in the area are a sensory delight, especially with the blooming of wildflowers. The paths and hills around Northallerton are home to an array of flora, including the delicate white flowered wild garlic, which perfumes the air and enriches the walking experience.

Seasonal Walks: What to Expect

Autumnal Splendor and Winter Wonders

Each season adds a unique charm to walks around Northallerton. Autumn brings a fiery palette to the trees, transforming your route into a vibrant tapestry. Winter, while chillier, offers the magic of frost-covered landscapes, making every step a crisp adventure, especially along the high street and through the valley.

Practical Tips for Walking in Northallerton

Gear and Preparation

Whether you’re setting off for a half-mile stroll or a more ambitious hike, proper gear is essential. From comfortable walking boots to weather-appropriate clothing, being well-equipped ensures your walk is enjoyable. Also, consider using public transport or the local bus service to reach starting points or return from your route’s end.

Enjoying the Local Amenities

Northallerton and its surrounding villages like Great Ayton offer plenty of spots for a mid-walk break. Quaint pubs and cafes are perfect for refueling, allowing walkers to sample local delicacies and enjoy a moment of rest.

Conclusion: A Walker’s Haven

Northallerton and its environs present a diverse tapestry of walks, each promising a unique blend of natural beauty, historical intrigue, and physical challenge. From the easy routes perfect for families and beginners to the more demanding treks that lead adventurers through hills, woods, and along ridges, there’s a path for every walker. The region’s excellent views, combined with its rich heritage and welcoming villages, make Northallerton a premier destination for those looking to explore the countryside on foot.

As you lace up your boots and set off from the town, whether heading north, south, or venturing into the heart of the North York Moors, remember that each step through this beautiful region is a journey through nature’s artistry and history’s echoes. So take the path less traveled, join the community of ramblers, and discover the endless beauty that walking in and around Northallerton has to offer.

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