A Fresh Chapter for Yorkshire: The Groucho Club’s Arrival at Bretton Hall

in Wakefield in West Bretton

Exciting news for Yorkshire’s cultural scene: The Groucho Club, a cornerstone of London’s social and artistic life, is set to open a new outpost at Bretton Hall, close to the delightful village of West Bretton. This venture marks the club’s first foray outside of London, bringing a touch of its exclusive charm to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

the Groucho Club, in London
the Groucho Club, in London

With a history of hosting A-list celebrities and creative minds, The Groucho Club’s choice of Yorkshire Sculpture Park for its new location isn’t just a step outside its geographic comfort zone; it’s a significant move into a space that blends art, nature, and heritage. Bretton Hall, a Grade II listed building with a storied past as an art college, will transform into Groucho Bretton by 2026, offering 40 bedrooms to both members and non-members, a testament to the club’s evolving inclusivity.

Bretton Hall, in West Bretton

This expansion, born from a collaboration between Artfarm and Yorkshire real estate investor Rushbond Group, with the support of Wakefield Council, signifies a unique blend of London’s contemporary club culture with Yorkshire’s rich artistic heritage. The initiative has been met with enthusiasm from local leaders, highlighting the positive impact Groucho Bretton is expected to have on the area’s cultural and social landscape.

Ewan Venters, chief executive of Artfarm, describes Groucho Bretton as a project with a life of its own, infused with the original club’s eclectic style yet deeply rooted in the local community and landscape. The vision for the club is one of modernity and respect for tradition, offering a vibrant new venue for work, play, and creative engagement in the heart of Yorkshire.

With the project led by Elli Jafali, who will take the helm as The Groucho’s new CEO, and a history that includes the likes of Damien Hirst and Francis Bacon contributing to its cultural cache, Groucho Bretton is set to become a beacon for art lovers and socialites alike.

Furthermore, the revitalization of Bretton Hall aligns with the area’s artistic ambitions, as noted by Wakefield Council leader Denise Jeffery and Sculpture Park director Clare Lilley. This development not only promises to enrich the local arts scene but also to breathe new life into a historic building that has stood vacant for years.

For those intrigued by the blend of cultural heritage and contemporary flair, Wakefield and its environs offer a rich tapestry of experiences. The Groucho Club’s expansion into Yorkshire is more than just a new chapter for the club; it’s a vibrant addition to the region’s cultural offerings, inviting locals and visitors alike to explore the intersection of art, history, and community in a setting unlike any other.

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