Tune in Tonight: Stump Cross Caverns Features on “The Hotel Inspector”

in Grassington

This evening, Yorkshire’s very own breathtaking underground wonder, Stump Cross Caverns, will take centre stage in the much-loved series “The Hotel Inspector.” The third episode of the show’s 18th season, aptly titled “Into the Abyss,” promises an in-depth look at one of the region’s most treasured family-run attractions. Set deep within the Yorkshire Dales, this historic site offers visitors an extraordinary journey into the earth’s past, but, as viewers will see, it’s an adventure that faces modern-day challenges.

Alex Polizzi, renowned for her hotel expertise and forthright advice, delves into the operational depths of Stump Cross Caverns. Known for her dedication to turning around the fortunes of various establishments across the country, Polizzi’s insights into the tourism industry are as sharp as they are invaluable. Tonight, she’ll navigate the complex labyrinth of sustaining a business that’s as unique as the ancient caverns themselves.

Our CEO, Linda Scott, had the distinct opportunity to be present during the filming, offering insights and participating in this crucial discourse on tourism and heritage conservation. Linda’s presence underscores Yorkshire.com’s commitment to supporting and promoting the diverse array of attractions that Yorkshire has to offer, highlighting the inherent challenges and potential within our region’s tourism sector.

It was a sunny and blustery day when filming took place, you can probably see from this picture of Linda standing with owner-operator, Oliver Bowerman.

The episode airing tonight on Channel 5 at 9pm is more than just a behind-the-scenes look at a local attraction; it’s a narrative about preserving history, natural beauty, and family legacy amidst the ever-changing dynamics of tourism and business management. It showcases the resilience and innovation that businesses in Yorkshire are renowned for, especially when facing an uncertain future.

We invite you to join us, watching as this intriguing story unfolds, offering support to a local gem that has been a part of so many of our childhoods and collective memories. It’s a testament to the spirit of our community, the passion behind every family-run venture, and the ongoing commitment of individuals who tirelessly strive to keep Yorkshire’s cultural and natural heritage accessible to all.

As we anticipate tonight’s revealing episode, we encourage all our readers and supporters to tune in and engage in the conversation about preserving our county’s treasured sites. After watching, please share your thoughts, reflections, and even your personal memories of Stump Cross Caverns in the comments below. Let’s unite in celebrating and supporting the places that make Yorkshire truly distinctive!

Find out more and book your tickets to see Stump Cross Caverns, here.

If you miss the show tonight, you can catch up with episodes of the Hotel Inspector, here. Note, episode 1 is set in the historic Yorkshire town of Redcar!

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  1. I’ve just finishing watching the episode about Stump Cross Caves. It was so lovely to see the owners wanting to work with Alex and taking on board her comments instead of the usual know it alls who refuse to believe that they’re to blame..
    The whole revamp was brilliantly executed and the caves looked amazing as did the shop and cafe. I live in the Midlands but will be definitely paying a visit as I was inspired by the family and how they have turned it around,plus it looked a fantastic place to visit for all ages.


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