MILES JUPP: ON I BANG – Tour Extended

in Sheffield

On I Bang” offers more than just an evening of laughter; it serves as a poignant reflection on human vulnerability and the unexpected twists of fate.

Jupp’s candid sharing of his medical ordeal and the subsequent emotional and psychological journey invites the audience into a deeper, more personal space than is typical of stand-up comedy.

Coming to Hull, Leeds, Harrogate, Sheffield and other Yorkshire locations.

Miles Jupp

The Art of Comedy in Storytelling

Miles Jupp uses his ordeal not just for comedic effect but as a narrative arc that offers a profound look at life’s fragilities.

The show is structured around the suddenness of his health crisis, the surreal experience of hospitalization, and the slow path to recovery, all punctuated with his sharp, insightful humor. This approach not only entertains but also connects with anyone who has faced their mortality or witnessed a loved one in similar strife.

Humor as a Coping Mechanism

Throughout “On I Bang,” Jupp explores how humor serves as a coping mechanism in times of crisis. His ability to find laughter in the darkest moments reflects a common human mechanism for enduring pain and fear. The show provides a cathartic release for both the performer and his audience, as it transforms a personal tragedy into a source of communal uplift.

Community and Connection

The tour is not just about performing; it’s about creating a space where people can come together to share in the collective experience of life’s ups and downs. Each venue, from the intimate settings of local theaters to larger city halls, becomes a place of gathering where laughter and shared understanding resonate within the walls.

An Expansive Tour

The extensive nature of Jupp’s tour across the UK (including Sheffield), ensures that many will have the opportunity to partake in this unique experience. From the historic stages of Edinburgh’s Queen’s Hall to the modern setting of the Cardiff Sherman Theatre, each performance is tailored to capture the local flavor, making each show a one-of-a-kind event for the audience.

Beyond the Stage

Miles Jupp’s narrative extends beyond the immediate audience. Through reviews and shared experiences on social media, the themes of “On I Bang” reach a wider audience, spreading the message of resilience and the therapeutic power of laughter. Moreover,

Jupp’s openness about his health challenges raises awareness and promotes a broader dialogue about neurological health and the importance of medical check-ups.

A Lasting Impact

Ultimately, “On I Bang” is set to leave a lasting impact on its audiences, not just as a source of entertainment but as a profound life lesson in facing adversity with humor and grace. It’s this powerful combination of personal vulnerability and comedic relief that sets Miles Jupp apart in the world of stand-up comedy, making “On I Bang” a must-see on the 2024 cultural calendar.

Tour Schedule:

January 2024:

  • 11 January              Epsom, Playhouse
  • 12 January              Maidenhead, Norden Farm
  • 15 January              Salford, The Lowry
  • 16 January              Oxford, Playhouse
  • 17 January              Wimborne, Tivoli
  • 18 January              Basingstoke, Haymarket
  • 21 January              Bristol, Redgrave
  • 22 January              Stafford, Gatehouse
  • 24 January              Newbury, Corn Exchange
  • 25 January              Milton Keynes, The Stables
  • 26 January              Nottingham, Playhouse
  • 29 January              Chelmsford, Civic
  • 30 January              St Albans, Arena
  • 31 January              Shrewsbury, Severn


  • 1 February              Tewkesbury, Roses
  • 2 February              Cardiff, Sherman Theatre
  • 5 February              Newcastle Upon Tyne, Theatre And Opera House
  • 6 February              Buxton, Opera House
  • 7 February              Leeds, City Varieties
  • 8 February              Birmingham, Town Hall
  • 20 February            Swindon, Wyvern
  • 21 February            Exeter, Northcott
  • 22 February            Henley, Kenton Theatre
  • 25 February            Brighton, Dome
  • 26 February            Westcliff On Sea, Palace Theatre
  • 27 February            Lincoln, Theatre Royal
  • 28 February            Hull, Truck Theatre
  • 29 February            Bristol, Redgrave Theatre


  • 3 March                  Cambridge, The Arts Theatre
  • 4 March                  Guildford, Yvonne Arnaud
  • 5 March                  Northampton, Royal and Derngate
  • 6 March                  Salford, The Lowry
  • 11 March                Swansea, The Grand
  • 12 March                Cheltenham, Town Hall
  • 13 March                Harrogate, Theatre
  • 18 March                Newcastle Under Lyme, New Vic Theatre
  • 19 March                Canterbury, Marlowe Theatre
  • 22 March                Winchester, Theatre Royal


  • 11 April                   Crewe, The Lyceum Theatre
  • 15 April                   Scunthorpe, The Plowright Theatre
  • 16 April                   Ipswich, New Wolsey Theatre
  • 17 April                   Weymouth, Pavilion
  • 18 April                   Aldershot, Princes Hall
  • 21 April                   Norwich, Playhouse
  • 22 April                   Norwich, Playhouse
  • 23 April                   Portsmouth, New Theatre Royal
  • 25 April                   Abergavenny, The Borough Theatre
  • 29 April                   London, Duchess Theatre
  • 30 April                   Milton Keynes, The Stables


  • 1 May                     Hedge End, The Berry Theatre
  • 2 May                     Cardiff, Sherman Theatre
  • 3 May                     Machynlleth, Comedy Festival
  • 6 May                     Leeds, City Varieties
  • 7 May                     Sheffield, The Lyceum
  • 8 May                     Glasgow, The King’s Theatre
  • 9 May                     Edinburgh, The Queen’s Hall
  • 13 May                   Guildford, The Yvonne Arnaud Theatre
  • 14 May                   London, The Bloomsbury Theatre
  • 15 May                   Leamington Spa
  • 16 May                   London, The Bloomsbury Theatre
  • 17 May                   Lichfield, The Garrick Theatre


  • 3 June                    Kingston, Rose Theatre
  • 4 June                    Plymouth, University Main Hall
  • 5 June                    Worcester, Huntingdon Hall
  • 6 June                    Bury St Edmunds, Theatre Royal
  • 7 June                    Frome, Merlin Theatre
  • 10 June                  London, Duchess Theatre
  • 11 June                  Andover, Lights
  • 12 June                  Ipswich, Wolsey Theatre
  • 13 June                  Wimborne, Tivoli Theatre
  • 18 June                  Tunbridge Well, Trinity Theatre
  • 19 June                  Reading, Concert Hall
  • 20 June                  Guildford, Yvonne Arnaud
  • 30 June                  Bristol, Old Vic Theatre

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