Tourist question: Accommodation with fishing in Pickering area

in Pickering

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Looking for accommodation cottage or cabins with fishing on site in Pickering area.

Mrs S


Most of the holiday lets in Pickering note fishing as an activity nearby – mostly because of Pickering Trout Lake on Newbridge Road. There’s also the Pickering Fishery Association if you wish to apply to join or sea fishing on the Yorkshire Coast.

Suitable accommodation is here:

Rorty Crankle

Pickering, YO18 7SD, United Kingdom

5 Rosedale Abbey

Pickering, YO18 8RA, United Kingdom

Bute Cottage

Pickering, YO18 7PZ, United Kingdom

Cow Byre Cottage, Pickering

Pickering, YO18 8PF, United Kingdom

Dove Cottage

Pickering, YO18 7DG, United Kingdom

Robin Cottage

Pickering, YO18 7BE, United Kingdom

Wayside Cottage

Pickering, YO18 8HZ, United Kingdom

The Ticket Office Allerston

Pickering, YO18 7PG, United Kingdom

The Sidings, Pickering

Pickering, YO18 7AJ, United Kingdom

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