Walk: Around Colton

in Leeds

An amazing jaunt around Colton and the outskirts of Leeds – all from the Thorpe Park Hotel and Spa.

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The Route

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Walk Description

Leave the hotel using the pedestrian gate and walk to the roundabout. Turn right onto Century Way and keep to the right hand side of the road until the next roundabout. Turn right slightly and then left to cross over the dual carriageway. Turn right and cross the entrance to the shopping outlet, and then cross over the A63, using the crossing points.

Follow the walkway as it rises to the left and continue to follow the path until you reach a junction. Turn right here to cross over the M1 via the footbridge, and continue to follow the path until it meets the end of Barrowby Lane. Turn left down the snicket and cross over the railway carefully using the level crossing. Once across, head left and follow the road called Nanny Goat Lane, which heads underneath the M1 via a tunnel.

Turn right, and then left, to walk alongside the boundary of a field. After the first field, carry on, but then turn right along the maked public footpath across Barnbow Common to reach the left side of a manor house. At the two public footpath signs, turn left to walk alongside the boundary of the field. Just at the edge of the row of trees, turn right and follow the path over Cock Beck to reach the end of Ells Lane.

Turn left and follow the track through Garforth Golf Course, cross over Barnbow Lane and continue on the track into the woods. As the wood begins to clear, head to the left and follow the line of the field in an arc to reach Manston Lane. Cross over and follow the footpath sign to cross the railway and then onto Barrington Way. Continue on, back onto the footpath and around to the right, keeping the ponds on your right, and then turn left through the row of trees into Barrowby Woods.

Cross over Barrowby Lane and head down Barrowby Avenue to the end and turn left to walk along the side of the A6120 Selby Road. At the roundabout, turn left onto Century Way and back to the hotel and spa.

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