Walk: Easington

in Easington, East Yorkshire

An easy trek around the fields and hamlets surrounding the village of Easington – and walking right beside the mighty Humber Estuary.

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The Route

  • Start / Finish Point: Humberside Lane, Easington, HU12 0UA
  • Distance: 6 Miles

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Walk Description

From the parking area, walk up Humber Side Lane past Humberdale, through the village of South End and to the outskirts of Easington. As the road bends right, turn left into the field beyond the hedges after the farm on the left. Hug the left hedgerow and walk all the way to the end of the field. Turn right, and onto the central track. Turn left and then right at the gap in the hedge.

Turn right again, and hug the right side hedgerow this time to the far corner. At the cluster of trees, turn left following the hedgerow on the right, then turn right through a gap into the next field. Follow the straight path right through the field to the track – Dimmer Dales Road.

Turn right, then left via the stile into the next field. Head towards the footbridge over Fosse Drain and then across the field, heading for the big barn in the distance. Keep the barn on the left and onto Winsetts Road in Skeffling. Turn right, then left at the Y-road junction onto Church Road.

Follow the road, past the church, all the way down to the end of the road – now called Humber Lane – to meet the Humber Estuary. Turn left, along the remains of the road, over the stile, and follow the footpath back to where you started.

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