Walk: Hole of Horcum

in Lockton

The Hole of Horcum inbetween Pickering and Goathland is one of the most famous natural features in the North Yorkshire landscape, and this is an easy 4 miles walk straight off a Coastliner bus route.

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The Route

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  • Start Point: Bus stops near Saltergate Car Park off the A169, Lockton, Pickering YO18 7NR
  • Finish Point: Bus stops near Saltergate Car Park off the A169, Lockton, Pickering YO18 7NR
  • Distance: 4 Miles

GPX Route Map

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Walk Description

From the bus stops, turn so the Saltergate Car Park is behind you, and head left – crossing the road if you need to – and head through the gap in the fence on the right, Then turn right again to be walking away from – but parallel to – the A169 road. Follow it around to the left until the paths split. Take the left fork, around the edges of the trees, and then left again as a path branches off into the scrubland. Follow this line until you reach a clear path intersecting yours; turn left on this path through the trees and then right.

The paths split and here take the left hand higher path. Go through three fields and then walk along the left side of a hedgerow in the forth field. At the end of this, look head but to the left slightly for an entrance path into the wood in front of you, and walk towards this. Head through the wood to emerge on the other side, and head left to find the gap in the boundary of the fields.

Go through and turn slightly right, heading for the gate you should be able to see in the boundary straight ahead. Go through this and head for the boundary ahead, turning right when you reach it. Turn left through the boundary when you can, and then head to the left of the row of trees which is ahead of you.

At the next boundary ahead, turn right and head into the wood following the path which eventually brings you out the other side and down on a clear path into the Hole of Horcum.

Continue to follow the path and it leads back to where the paths split towards the start. Follow the path back towards the main road, and turn right to retrace your steps back to be bus stops near the car park.

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