Walk: Malham Tarn

in Malham

Malham Tarn is a glacial lake, very rare, in the Yorkshire Dales, with an abundance of plants, trees and bird life along its shores. Some of the walk is through protected landscape.

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Walk Description

Begin your journey amidst the sweeping landscapes that have captured imaginations on the small screen, parking at Streetgate. This location, a mere mile from the bustling hub south of the tarn, sits quietly on the ‘Herriot road’, famed for its appearance in the beloved recent TV series adaptation of James Herriot’s tales. This starting point offers a reprieve from the popular paths and ushers you into the heart of Yorkshire’s undisturbed beauty.

As you depart from Streetgate, take the northwest path. The route, a well-maintained farm track, guides you gently towards the serene expanse of the lake. With each step, the cacophony of daily life fades, replaced by the symphony of nature that crescendos upon reaching the water’s edge, where you will merge with the path that runs intimately alongside the lake.

The path soon whispers you into a wooded embrace, leading you into the sanctuary of the Malham Tarn Field Centre’s protected grounds. Here, amidst the dappled light and the sheltering arms of ancient trees, you are invited to commune with nature. The nature reserve is a treasure chest of ecological wonders, offering an up-close experience with the rich tapestry of wetland birdlife that dances along the lake’s shores.

Continuing on, the northwest corner of the lake marks a change in your journey. Here, you transition onto one of the area’s hushed byways, an inviting road that weaves around the water’s edge to complete your circuit of the tarn. The surrounding drystone walls, a patchwork of Yorkshire’s craft and geology, stand as silent sentinels over a landscape that breathes tranquility. The native limestone, etched by time and elements, serves as a natural canvas, showcasing the unique topography that cradles Malham Tarn.

For those who seek an unhindered experience of this tranquil circuit, the Field Centre offers an accessible option—hire a Tramper. These all-terrain mobility scooters provide a way for everyone to partake in the beauty of the reserve, ensuring that the soothing calm of the tarn and its surroundings can be enjoyed by all, regardless of mobility.

This walk is more than a physical journey; it is a passage through time, a walk through living art, where every corner turned is a stroke of nature’s brush, every sound a note in an earthy melody, creating a landscape of peace that lingers with you long after the walk is concluded.

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